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  • Pinkston

    I can't believe Todd Pinkston is the "elder statesman" of our receiving corps.

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    And that and 2 bucks will buy you what?

    I LIKE what this says. It says that Reid is cleaning house. And not worried about it. We have next to nobody left on the receiving corps with over a year's starting experience with our system. It's a good thing IMO., let's try this again...


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      Yup...there is turnover every year...but the WR corps has seen some special attention since 2004....

      I would say Pinky needs to have a pretty big year to stick for much longer since IMO Reid would have grabbed Walker if he could have this year and will be looking even harder for a better WR next year....if Brown and Gaffney develop and stick then Pinky may be looking to re-locate soon...
      Eliminate distractions, create energy, fear nothing, and attack everything.

      -Andy Reid


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        Pinkston at this point will be a seven-year veteran, believe it or not. It's not that shocking. I think since 2001, the only Eagles receivers to have more experience than that were TO and Antonio Freeman.


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          Yeah, but what I'm talking about is experience in Andy's system (we all know TO was a special more ways than one). But Andy has the rep for holding onto guys who know his system, really for that sole reason it seems. Andy would seek guys that absorbed the system, or came from a similar one (Freeman,Levens) over just rolling the dice on some new blood. Not the case this year, at a LOT of positions.

          He tried to get Bentley, and would have let Runyan walk. Dumped Hicks in favor of more new blood along the line. Lost his crutch in Chad Lewis and went and grabbed up Schoebel. Brought in a FA WR NOT familiar with the WCO (Gaffney). Honeybuns is going to lose his starting job. And that's just on the offensive side of the ball. Andy is taking some swings for the fences. Now, if he'd landed Jevon Walker, that would have been a system guy, but would any of us have been unhappy about it?

          I'm just glad that after last year's debacle he decided to shake things up.
, let's try this again...