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  • sorry MDFAN. I wasn't thinking properly. I didn't equate the two things together. my bad on that. Fan of the game, all good man. no probs at all


    • Originally posted by MDFAN
      Originally posted by ekravitz
      But some insist on posting on both boards, and I'm afraid that will be a natural consequence/problem, whether you want it to be or not. You can't post and not have interaction with other posters. And EK, nothing personal or directed at you, just my feelings in general.

      Hey, but wadda I know, just my !
      Interesting choice of words - you make it sound like those of us that 'insist' on posting on both boards are somehow misguided.


      • IMK let's not start that debate again. You can post where you want. Hell I still post over there myself and that's not going to change anytime soon. There are still people there that I like who probably aren't going to move here. So post where you want but let's let this debate go...
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        • I love it here. It's not doing well there. I have some friends still there. Where friends are is nice for anyone. All I know is I am real. I'm human. And I give all peeps the benny's of doubt's daily- Why stop now. I love it here...


          • I am still over on PP because to some extent it is still a good board.

            However, this place does not have that certain member that drives me crazy over there.
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            • I post there too, but I have to admit, sometimes I do it to be a devil's advocate on the "Andy Reid sucks" or "this player sucks" type of posts that goes on there often. Plus, there's plenty of "you're an idiot" type of posting going on there. PP "is, what it is" now and I'm glad it's not here.
              "Philly fans are great....It's the only place where you pull up on the bus and you've got the grandfather, the grandmother, the kids and the grandkids - everybody flicking you off. At other stadiums, they give you the thumbs-down. Here, they give you the middle finger.”
              — Michael Strahan

              "No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us, we don’t care, we’re from Philly, F—-ing Philly, No one likes us, we don’t care!”
              - Jason Kelce with the best championship speech ever