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This is where we came from??

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  • This is where we came from??

    This is an excerpt from the (Where did everybody go) Thread from Philaphans....that has since been deleted. Thought you might get a yuck out of it....and maybe feel better about your decision.

    Originally posted by stocknowledge
    - You can deny it all you want, but many good posters have left this site. I'm sure the website hit tally will bear this out. And it is not just a seasonal thing.

    CROW - Oh well, **** happens

    enjoy your time in your new home people.


    Stock - This is not a good attitude to have. If you are running a business, you just don't dismiss customers from going to a competitor. You ask why those customers are leaving and you change to bring them back.


    CROW - This isn't a business, it's a sports forum and I don't see a need to kiss people's asses to make them post here.

    Sorry but it is not going to happen. If you have to kiss ass to keep someone, they are not people worth having. I'll take the people who are loyal and dedicated on their own without the soft soaping.


    Buff - Then again why would you keep people around who stand in front of your business and say "That place serves rancid food"

    You don't need to kiss ass, but you have to take out the garbage sometimes...


    CROW - Seems to me it's leaving on it's own


    VFK - In all due respect, Barry, many of us gave alot of time, support and energy to this place for be referred to as "garbage" among other insults recently is frankly very sad to see and not something I expected...


    Stock - Goodbye!!!!!!!!


    CROW - and many others are here and continuing to give, time, energy, and support to this place, not running off to other places and crying or whining about everything.


    FRESH - Garbage here,

    Can't speak for anyone else, of course, and I hold no grudges, but I moved on because I wanted something, something I HAD here, that no longer exists. Not because I want to hurt someone, or dump on anyone, or feel superior to anyone else. Is my new home going to be that place that I am looking for? Maybe. I hope so.

    It's not the board, it's the people that congregate there, and whether they are happy, enjoying themselves, free to post without being attacked and insulted. In short, a friendly place. Where my buddies are. That's where I want to be. If it's SportsColumn, or here, or wherever, that's where you'll find me.



    CROW - Then go and do it

    and stop whining and bitching about it over here.

    __________________, let's try this again...

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    Please take it to the PhilaPhans thread.