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  • Article on Bloom..

    I know Bloom has talent, but I'm beginning to think he'll get killed out there. He's tiny.
    But even Pinkston said seeing the 5-foot-9 Bloom in person for the first time came as a surprise: "I didn't know he was so little." ... ref=slogin[/b]

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    I think "short" is what he should have said....
    Eliminate distractions, create energy, fear nothing, and attack everything.

    -Andy Reid


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      Who is he lined up against in that photo? He looks like a midget.

      That being said, it's not like Dante Hall is a beast. And the boy is fast, fast, fast.


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        It's gonna be interesting to see what Bloom can do in the return game once the pads go on.Great quickness & speed but one blindside hit could put this kid in Lala land.He's got guts & a great attude and I'm pulling for him but that size......I just don't know.
        Just give me ONE before I go!


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          No.. Pinkston first met Bloom in the showers.

          He's about the same size as Dante Hall and if he can even come close to what Dante brought to the Chiefs a couple years ago, we will have a new hero in Philly. (and lots of Bloom jerseys bought.)

          Look at the dude's calves! (I sound like Drama.)


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            Looks like he needs either a bigger head or smaller helmet.


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              Bloom is the real deal. Just wait. The guy is a flat-out playmaker.


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                Good call on Hall. He does have an uncanny ability to shake and bake, and it seems really hard for anyone to get a good hit on him. I hope, for his sake, that Bloom has that as well.