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    ...Everyone is in town for the full squad minicamp. Everyone is focusing on football. And, there certainly seems to be a complete lack of the kind of annoying distractions that the team dealt with all last season..

    The black clouds have finally receeded, and the sun is shining once again.

    Reid overseeing happy campersBy LES BOWEN
    [email protected]
    Eagles coach Andy Reid was pleased to see all his veterans accounted for when the team began a 2-week, full-squad minicamp yesterday at the NovaCare Complex.

    Contract squabbles caused key Eagles to miss this camp each of the previous three seasons, but in the wake of last season's stumble to 6-10, unity has emerged as the theme of the 2006 Eagles. Everyone talks about putting the team first.

    "I think it's a tribute to the guys," Reid said. "They determine it. These are voluntary camps right now, so that's why you see players on other teams that aren't there. The players don't have to be here. We're not pulling something over their heads or anything else, but they make that decision. This shows me a little something - they all are here. They're all working like crazy and trying to get better as a football team."

    Cornerback Sheldon Brown, who missed the first minicamp while recovering from shoulder surgery, participated yesterday, and spoke about how good it felt not to be asked about disputes or absences.

    "The bottom line is, we're sitting here talking about football, and that's how it should be," Brown said. "This locker room is focusing and concentrating on football, not contracts and not other things. I hope it continues to stay this way. Even the week we play the other team."

    Hmm. Wonder which team he meant?

    Running back Correll Buckhalter (knee) and cornerback Lito Sheppard (ankle) did not participate yesterday. Fourth-round rookie wideout Jason Avant sat out with a hyperextended knee, Reid said. Wide receiver Todd Pinkston, recovering from an Achilles' tear, "practiced about half the practice, which we had scheduled for him," Reid said.

    Reid said the Eagles are hoping third-round rookie linebacker Chris Gocong can rejoin them by tomorrow. Gocong has been unable to participate in minicamps the past few weeks because his Cal Poly class didn't graduate until this week.

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    Any word so far on whether or not Pinkston is running at full speed? Seems to me like an Achilles injury has got to hurt his downfield speed somewhat. And that could be very big for a player like him.


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      Originally posted by The Captain
      Any word so far on whether or not Pinkston is running at full speed? Seems to me like an Achilles injury has got to hurt his downfield speed somewhat. And that could be very big for a player like him.
      He was running at full speed but when he was traveling as fast as a wawa hoagie wrapper bouncing across the field, they realized he was wind aided.


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        Pinkston was running full speed according to reports until he saw some defensive players and he quickly pulled up lame.
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          Pinkston doesn't just run, he s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s the field. They should restate his position as "Field Stretcher." It just means that he runs the distance of the field. Doesn't necessarily mean that he catches any balls.
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            I heard a report that this year's rookies will be tougher to sign because of the bigger cap number. I have no idea if this is true or not. Doesn't each team have a rookie cap number assigned to them? I know that the number probably doesn't mean squat, but it would sure be nice to have inked eveybody by TC.
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              I wouldn't worry too much about the rooks being signed by TC Eagle60,the track record under Lurie has been outstanding in that regard.
              Now if we were talking about "that guy in France"(Braman)we could have something to be concerned about.IMO the deals are pretty much set it's just a matter of other teams signing guys.
              BTW to see everybody in for the "voluntary" camp is great to see.The fact that we're talkin football(without any soap operas)is good news.
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                Hey J!!!!

                Nice to hear from you! In the past, most draft picks have been "sloted" so it wasn't a problem. I think this year's rooks (rather their agents"want a bigger piece of the pie. The Birds have been good at this once a few guys sign. The problem might be league wide.
                "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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                  Good to be here Popper,hope all's well with you.Looking forward to a good season from the Birds this year,gotta good feeling.I'm a patient guy but after waiting for 46yrs now maybe,JUST MAYBE,this is THE year.
                  I'm liking this board & once I get rid of the rookie beeyotch status,all will be hunky dorie.
                  Just give me ONE before I go!


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                    5 more posts and you're there J.


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                      Originally posted by j-bird
                      Sometimes booring is good.
                      amen to that
                      Whatcha Gonna Do Brother, When the Eagles run wild on you?