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    T&T are playing pretty tough as we approach the 85th minute. This is good stuff.


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      Originally posted by sfphillyfan
      T&T are playing pretty tough as we approach the 85th minute. This is good stuff.
      T&T ties Sweden 0-0, which is a huge upset, especially since T&T played a man down most of the 2nd half. BTW, this is T&T's first ever World Cup appearance.


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        Argentina is too much for Cote d'ivoire in a HIGH SCORING GAME... 2-0


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          IC fought back hard during the last part of the game, scoring in the 81st or so, but couldn't tie things up.

          2-1 Argentina is the final.


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            I have a tough decision tomorrow.

            I really want the USA to do well in this tournament. But, I also want to see the Czech Republic do well also. I have family and friends in the CR.

            I think the USA will only get better. For the Czech's, this could be their last hurrah for some time, because they have a lot of retiring stars.

            It's too bad for me that they are in the same group


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              Pliny - It's ok to root for the czech team if you don't have a vested interest in the U.S. team. Like the Philadelphia Soul. If they played like the Memphis Showboats or whatever and i had friends or family who were big AFL fans and wanted memphis to win, I'd be ok with pulling for Memphis since I don't give a crap about Arena football.


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                Totally agree with SF,, If you have a personal stake in the CR team.... go for it.


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                  Gooooooooooooooooo MEXICO!!

                  1-0 in the first half.


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                    Netherlands beats Serbia and Montenegro 1-0.

                    Mexico / Iran tied at 1 at the half.


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                      3-1 Mexico and it's almost over.

                      I'm up $9.52 on World Cup betting


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                        US is only a 1/2 goal underdog against the Czech Republic. Interesting. They might be counting on misguided U.S. money.


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                          Originally posted by sfphillyfan
                          Sadly the U.S. doesn't play until Monday and Brazil doesn't play till Tuesday. When does England play?

                          By the way, check out the top story here: ... 5357/1193/

                          I think it's a pretty cool what-if exercise. I really think the Freak would be a great goalie. they didn't mention him in the fox sports article but they did say Dawkins as a defender.
                          I have to get into this one. I just didn't like the picks that Fox made. TO is not a FAST player for what is needed in soccer. You need a burst of speed in soccer like a Westbrook on Thomlinson, but TO doesn't get up to speed for ten to twenty yards.

                          I would want to have some great athletes on there that have great speed. AI would be great for soccer. He has good height for soccer and he is fast and cuts like crazy. Plus he is tough as nails, which is needed. IA was a better QB in HS than God Almight himself.....Ron Mexico. Speaking of Ron, he would be another one I'd love to see play. He'd be good as a forward, who would take off on a good deep pass. He'd also be good with headers.

                          I did like Polamalu, Smith and Chad, since they are fast and very athletic. Pollamalu would be a great defender, who would probably foul out from being too agressive. Duanne Wade is another foot work/speed/athlete. He and IA would kill you as Midfielders or forwards.

                          I have some college freinds who played rugby with me when their college soccer days were done. A couple of them were just great athletes who became instant stars because of their endurance, footwork, speed and ability to play as a team (not to mention their kicking part of the game). It also helped that the best one (John Dugan- he starred in semi pro ball) was a strong 6'3, 230 and deceivingly fast. These guys showed me just how athletic they are past the college level.


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                            AI is a phenomenal athlete who would be great at any sport. I think he would be a good choice. Also Steve Smith would be a good forward.

                            Don't forget Daunte Hall. Hell, I think a team consisting of Westbrook clones and KG in goal would be pretty damn good.


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                              Anyone watching the Australia - Japan game? The announcer is talking about the ref and how it's just reward that Aus wins this game. What is he talking about? Did the ref rob someone?


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                                Today's games:

                                United States +½ -130 +300 Over 2½ +125
                                Czech Republic -½ +100 -110 Under 2½ -155
                                - Draw +220

                                Italy -1 -120 -200 Over 2½ +135
                                Ghana +1 -110 +550 Under 2½ -165
                                - Draw +250