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  • (OT & LONG) My "BANNING"!

    First of all I am not here to apologize for what some, no, a few, wish I would apologize for.

    I will apologize for not being able to deliver the board that I promised you I would when I asked you all to come here. I wish I could have, I fought like hell to get it, but it did not happen.

    I will also apologize, to “most” of the members, both active and inactive, for adding to the “tension” of the board while trying and working hard to get you the board I promised you.

    That is as far as the apologies go. I did nothing wrong to deserve this “ban”. I simply started a thread to discuss not liking Soccer. That and SF's personal crusade to get rid of me.

    I'm sure the “powers that be” will have plenty to say, but frankly those opinions no longer mean anything to me. Simply because in order for me to care about those opinions, I would have to respect the people making them----- and I don't.

    This all started when I started to realize that we were losing members, quite a few. I talked to some, I got E-Mails from others and PM's from still others as to the reasons they were leaving. The bottom line was that the board to them had become out of balance. So I took it to the other Mod's and was laughed at. I used numbers, showed them examples, even shared some of the e-mails and PM's and was still told I was crazy. About the same time I also noticed that many of the people leaving were people that had a problem with a certain “power” to be.

    At any rate, one of the other mod's finally did see the light, saw and acknowledged the problem --- but had no solution, and frankly I didn't have one either, but I knew we needed to do something.

    We all wanted the board to grow, but frankly no body other than me was recruiting new members, then the killer was being told that if the people didn't like it, they should go somewhere else, because all viewpoints would be heard here.

    No trying to fix it, no acknowledgment of there even being a problem... just hard ass, “they don't like it they can leave”.
    Same response any time I tried to broach the subject.

    So I set out on a quest to show them just how lopsided this board had become. I tried to use the same tactic of sarcasm and baiting that they had been using for well over 2 years to show them (“the powers that be”) what it was like to be on the other end.

    Oh my, they didn't like that at all. It became a constant battle on the mods board, and frankly I was out maned always 2 to 1 and sometimes 3 to 1. But I vowed to them that they would not run me off as they had done with so many others, as I had to much invested in this board. This of course led to more acrimony and name calling.

    I was called to the woodshed on many occasions to be dressed down, for this, that or the other thing. Hell, I was called there one time by the owner and when he was questioned “why” for days he would not or could not tell the other mods why! To this day he can't explain why he did that. But it became apparent that there was a goal and a plan and an agenda. First without warning, I was removed from being a mod, no notice, no communication just poof. Trust me it isn't a big deal, but the personalization and behind the back crap is what pisses you off.

    So as we proceeded forward and I would post they would respond, they would post, I would respond. Doing nothing more than trying to show them what they had been doing to others. There was and has been a large double standard at work here for about the last year or so. One of the mods knows it, acknowledged it, and tried to be a peacemaker. But it always fell apart, cause I wouldn't back down from them. So this led to the double standard, that's in play to this day.

    Which now brings us to this current state and “THE BANNING”. Here are the facts and I invite anyone to verify and check me on it.

    1. There was a soccer thread started

    In which I made a post (read the thread) where I said - “Is this crap finally over?” And then after being sarcastically ridiculed on a “personal level” by the 2 “powers to be” ,,, several other posters chimed in expressing the same dislike for soccer that I did. And so I replied

    “Oh but I express my opinion of soccer and it's a foul.

    Yep, no double standard around here. And you're a mod, shame on you.

    I love how ALL opinions are welcome, as long as they are in line with the mighty few.”

    and that's when the crap hit the fan for several pages after that.

    The gist of it was (paraphrasing) “If you don't like the thread don't post in it” and “why bother to crap on other peoples topics” – So I'm thinking ok, not sure why this reaction cause all I ever heard was that ALL viewpoints were welcome, as long as you didn't attack the person which I hadn't done at all.

    But ok. I'll wait for the WC to be over and then some of us could talk about why we dislike soccer, so I posted the thread......... I guess you can't disagree with a thread topic anymore, if it's a positive thread about NASCAR(baseball or any other subject) and if you don't like NASCAR you better not post your dislike in the thread... and ---- despite what SF has written--- it was the thread that got me banned. No warning, just woke up and I was banned, no reason given, no communication, no notice--- here is the message I got.....

    “You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified”

    And all the while the owner professed that since this was personal between he and I that Jukin would be the judge and moderate our problems and handle any discipline.

    Must have said it 10 times---- but of course that never happened either.

    Fresh can hate baseball and say so, Blitz can say he feels the same way about baseball that I do about soccer.... and Zep agree with me and that's ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but when I say it, it's “threadcapping” or some other bullshit phrase they want to use.

    All of this because I then started a thread, after the WC was over, so people that didn't like soccer could express themselves.

    BUT SF decided what my “intent” was. (they know what my intent was, hell, I thought I made it pretty clear in the title, I hate soccer and I started a thread to discuss such)

    But the banning was only due to the double standard and their looking for a way to address “the MD” issue as they call it.

    He/They decided what I REALLY meant! LMAO. They DECIDED that the thread was nothing more than an attempt by me to bait.
    What bullshit.

    I'm not allowed/supposed to post an opposite view within a thread and I can't start a opposite view soccer thread? ---------------- but all points of view are welcome. Right.

    I broke no rules, none.

    But he/ they don't and haven't liked my “style” for awhile now. So since I didn't/don't break any rules they attack me personally. That's their MO, most of the time it was always behind closed doors, now they have let you see it. The difference with me and how their tactics have worked in the past is that I won't just slink away. I never called anybody names, but they do. Hell just in that thread he called me an “asshole” and a “dick”. And they are tame compared to what he called my behind closed doors.

    I may attack posts, but I never attack the poster on a personal level -- but they do. I may be sarcastic about a pov or a post--- but I am not sarcastic personally about posters. (unless I am attacked first)

    Here is the bottom line.... this used to be a great board, the intent, for me, was to make this board the best on the net. I brought over or recruited 135 good members, me alone! And now that number is down to 53 (it had already dropped dramatically before I started my campaign..... despite any bullshit they may decide to type) as I type this, with only about 15 regular posters.

    And frankly yes it does piss me off to watch this happen. One of the mods knows this, and has acknowledged it, he also has seen and acknowledged the double standard I refer to, but unfortunately he has been put in the middle of this crap. God how I wish this board could be what it once was and what the intent of it was, it's sad.

    So I will stay around until the next time they get pissed off and decide to ban me again. But I won't change my view that I can hate soccer and say so, I can hate golf and say so, I can hate anything I want to, and even express it in any thread I choose to.......... and if they want to ban me, they surely can do it.

    What I do or have done broke no rules.

    They keep saying ALL views are welcome.... but they aren't, not if it's something they don't agree with.

    Most of you have known me for over 10 years of posting on these message boards, you know who I am, I have met many of you and even some of your families. You know the guy you have been seeing here for the last year or so isn't the real me, it was forced and now you know why.

    And you also know that I won't be bullied and I won't back down and I say what's on my mind. Despite what they write-- it is all about censorship.

    As I said this won't be a back and forth for me(send me a pm or an e-mail), I'm not going to get into a discussion about it, I know the truth.

    SF admitted a while ago on the mods board that this was personal. He doesn't like me and I don't like or respect a liar.

    The bottom line it was and is personal with him---- I broke no rules..... None.

    So now he can say what he want's, I doubt very seriously if I will bother to respond, because quite frankly, IMO, he would need a co-signer to pay cash. And I really don't care what he has to say.

    I wouldn't believe him if his tongue came notarized.

    So the real bottom line is I don't care about this board anymore, not the members, but the way it's run. Without having the passion or emotional investment any more I won't care where this board heads anymore.

    I appreciate the support from all the e-mails I have received and once again I apologize for not being able to give you guys the board I promised you would get if you came here.

    End Rant!
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    I agree 100% with you MD, there's no way you should have been banned. This board and the current white house admin. have some very eerie similarities. With that said, I'm not going anywhere and I hope that MD still posts here, because our ranks seem to be thinning and MD has laid out why, and I agree with him.
    Stand for the flag you assholes!

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      I've always said that this place was like a bar where we could all congregate, talk about the Eagles and other crap and have a good time. I knew that arguments would flare up once in a while but that's to be expected.

      After two years (and I would think that's plenty of leeway), I had finally had enough of MD's shenanigans. MD has admitted in the past that he was being sarcastic and mocking to make a point. Unfortunately, that started 2 years ago and never stopped! The point was lost but he was still being sarcastic and over the top.

      On the face of it, an OT thread about soccer isn't that bad. But when you look at the crap that lead up to it (including threadcrapping in a thread about the World Cup, chastising people for discussing the Stanley Cup on the Eagles board, constant sarcasm intended to piss people off), it was nothing but malicious baiting plain and simple. I had had enough and acted on it. A one week ban to let MD know that continually being the guy who stirs shit up was not acceptable.

      I admit that MD and I don't get along. And he and I can probably both make cases for who is wrong. (You know the adage: there's three sides to every story -- yours, mine, and the truth. ) Yeah, I could probably refute and set straight all the misrepresentations and half truths in MD's post above but that would just be going around in circles.

      I want you to decide for yourself and consider one thing: look around and you'll see that while everyone else has disagreements now and then, who is the one common denominator that seems to not get along with lots of people all the time? Who is the common agitator? I'm not talking about differing opinions, I'm talking about shouting matches and "fights". And I'm not talking about people sticking up for me for whatever reason (although come to think of it, that rarely/never happens ). I'm talking about separate distinct fights. MD has a problem with multiple people -- why is that?

      I want to remind people that my track record has never been to silence or censor anyone's opinions. 1 ban in the history of the site is pretty low, no? In fact, VFK and I have wildly differing opinions and he's a mod! (To be precise, the fact that he and I have wildly differing opinions is the reason he's a mod.)

      I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can do pretty much whatever you want on this board, the mods and I have very lenient policies, but continuously going out of your way to be a jerk is not acceptable. MD has been begging for a ban for quite a while now so he can be a martyr and tell everyone how terrible of a person I am. I stupidly gave him his wish. But enough is enough. Even I can only take so much. The next ban will be much longer.
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        Anybody here been chastized by Vin for simply expressing an opinion about ANYTHING? EVER? Anyone???

        I'll anxiosly await all of the responses about our tyrant Admin.........., let's try this again...


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          Not planning on taking sides here,I have never met anyone from this site.MD invited me here and SF and I seem to get along and I don't have an issue with ANYONE here. At the old site personal attacks happened every 10 minutes or so it seemed. Judging by the topics from the past week or so we are familiar with eachother and those that remain are a bit like old married couples.I'm sure if there was an internet way to fart and dutch oven eachother ,we would.Hopefully with TC around the corner, we can return to talking Eagle football and things will get back to as normal as this screwed up bunch of horses asses can get. I enjoy my time here,I like the fact I don't know any of you,but think I could have already had a beer with some of you or high fived at an Eagle game.I hope things can be straightened out,I don't have another forum to go to and if this place fades away, I'll be stuck with the Spadaros and Gunns of Eagle football for my info.
          Sorry for my rant.
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            ugh.. could you imagine only getting your eagles info from Spads and D-Gunn? Even the cold war soviets had more reliable sources for information.


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              MD we've been through a lot together. From the old board to PhilaPhans and Phillies games with Jeff and company to this board. You're the reason I'm here. It was you who invited me and Vin who made it possible. I've been on record for a long time agreeing with some of the stuff you posted above and I don't agree with Vin's decision to ban you, but I do agree with him that you've carried this "point" to an extreme and let it run far beyond any possible benefit.

              In the last year or so you and Vin have brought your disagreements to a new level. I've been stuck in the middle trying to be fair between both of you and the bottom line is that it's a no win situation. I've asked you both more times than I can count to end the personal bullshit and act like adults. If you don't get along, that's fine! But neither of you are willing to give the other an inch. You both never let a chance slip by to slam the other.

              I asked you to limit your disagreements to the Mod Board so they don't "infect" the main board. By removing you as a mod it removed that option. So the fights have continued here. Personally I've had enough. If you guys want to keep acting like 3 year olds and make yourselves look like complete assholes that''s up to you. You two created this board and you two will be responsible for destroying it.

              You both have valid points about the other and at the same time you're both wrong as much as you're right. But if neither one of you are willing to get along then it's just a matter of time until things implode and we pass the point of ever fixing this. Maybe we've already passed that point - I don't know. I do know that I want this shit to stop and stop now and that's going to take BOTH of you to start acting like grown ups!
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                The one thing MD is right about is the fact that I did threadcrap. It was the first thing I thought of when he was given a short term vacation. But I also know that it takes a lot for Vin to give you a ban because on a few occasions I have given him reason to send me on my way. But he never did.

                I am not getting into the ban thing because it's not my board or business. I don't get to make that call but if you want my opinion I will gladly give it.

                I don't get along with MD but I don't want him to go. IMO differences of opinion make the board better. You can't make the board what you want. It is what it is. If people are feeling negative about the FO they have a right to voice that opinion and vice versa. You can't make this board Mr. Rogers Neighborhood because others can't deal with a difference of opinion.

                The only thing that bothers me about this board is the political jabs that some continue to throw.

                I respect all higher ups(that includes MD) for the job they have done in bringing this board to us.
                FRESH > cancer

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                  I always move political talk to OT forum. But yes, I don't read every post but let's keep the political stuff out of here. Left or Right, it doesn't matter. This is a sports forum. Please keep that stuff to yourself.

                  Blitz - I fully agree that opposing viewpoints should be here. As I've said before, I have never banned anyone for having an opposing viewpoint.
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                    I have a couple questions:

                    1. What is threadcapping? This thread is too long and I'm too late to it (yes, i know it's only on page 1)

                    2. Who's TO and who's McNabb in this mess?

                    3. I might not be active enough to know ... but have a lot of people really left?

                    I'll admit that sometimes if it gets quiet in here I might see what other threads exist in the webiverse ... but the rest of the webiverse is pretty bad. So I'll just continue on here.


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                      from urban dictionary:

                      Thread crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument.

                      Coming into a thread titled "I love my new Apple Macintosh!", and posting "PCs are better and cheaper" is thread crapping.
                      I liken it to walking into a movie theater (which you neither bought a ticket to nor intend to see) and yelling "this movie blows!" for no other reason than to be a dick.

                      It happens a lot on deal sites like fatwallet.


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                        After MD's invite, I came to this board to get away from the constant name calling and bashing that was present on the other boards (all of them). To the credit of everyone here, I think that this board has achieved that goal.

                        I would hate to see more people leave, especially a long-time member like MD. So, I hope you guys can suck it up and just agree to disagree. The outside world is much more brutal

                        Case in point.....

                        In the (very) old days, I found myself agreeing a lot publicly with Belmont on the other board. I mention this, because last year I made a simple observation that disagreed with something Belmont said for the first time (a rare post from me on that forum). There was no name calling at all, just a simple disagreement.

                        What did I get for this comment ? Well, first I get a negative rep from Belmont and then he proceeded to private message me with something along the lines of "Being stupid is no way to go thru life".

                        Now Belmont is a mod. You couldn't pay me to post on those forums with a guy like Belmont being a mod.

                        Without differences of opinion, forums are boring. But, mutual respect of one's opinion is what (usually) makes this place special.

                        End of my senseless rant


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                          I don't want to sound too defensive here but I think it's unfair that some seem to think that whatever MD said in the first post is the truth and nothing but the truth. To the people who say that differences make the board better: 1) I fully agree. But despite what MD says, 2) have I ever acted in a way that said "I am the Admin and everyone must agree with me?"

                          As a poster, I will argue whatever opinion I have on a topic. But have I ever threatened to ban anyone or treated you differently from any other poster because you disagreed with me on a topic? Have I ever censored an opinion or edited a post I didn't like?

                          There is absolutely no evidence that I act this way yet because MD is asserting it, I feel like some think "well, this must be a problem." The only problem here isn't that MD disagrees with me, it's that he's been acting like a jerk to a lot of people... for a long time.
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                            Wow ladies can't we all just get along here. I think the vast majority of us our adults with jobs and families. Who cares what is said on this board as long as it isn't really personal or hurtful. I think we are all big boys here. I mean, c'mon we all cheer for the Eagles. Hasn't that caused enough heartache that some board disagreements pale in comparison.

                            So guys just kiss and make up.

                            PLEASE LET THE SEASON START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                              Originally posted by andrewaters View Post
                              Wow ladies can't we all just get along here. I think the vast majority of us our adults with jobs and families. Who cares what is said on this board as long as it isn't really personal or hurtful. I think we are all big boys here. I mean, c'mon we all cheer for the Eagles. Hasn't that caused enough heartache that some board disagreements pale in comparison.

                              So guys just kiss and make up.

                              PLEASE LET THE SEASON START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Wow!!! Is this what it's come too? We've come to a strange place when andrewaters would stand as the voice of reason!! (Sorry man I couldn't resist!)
                              Official Driver of the Eagles Bandwagon!!!
                              Bleedin' Green since birth!

                              "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." Mike Willey