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(OT) Any apple lovers here?

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  • (OT) Any apple lovers here?

    A man is driving down a country road when he sees a sign, "Apples $5.00 each."
    Intrigued to find out why an apple should cost that much, he stops and asks the farmer why the apples are so expensive.

    The farmer says, "These are special peanut butter and jelly apples. Here, try one."
    The man takes a bite and says, "Unbelievable; I taste the peanut butter but not the jelly."
    The farmer says, "Turn it around." He does and he savors a sweet jelly.

    The farmer says, "I've got ham and cheese apples, too, but they're $10.00 each."
    The man is excited, buys one, takes a bite and says, "Wow, these are great but I taste the ham but not the cheese."
    The farmer says, "Turn it around." He does, takes a bite and a rich, creamy cheese taste fills his mouth.

    The farmer says, "Now, if you really like those, I've got some very special apples that cost $50.00 each. They're pussy apples."
    The man cannot resist and buys one. He takes a bite and says, "YUCK, these taste like shit!"

    The farmer says, "Turn it around."
    "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"

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    Damn, E60, you're on a roll! You're already miles ahead of Jukin!
    "Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." - Joe Theismann


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      Someone get a snowblower up to Westfield.
      We're looking for people that are fundamentally different,” vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl said Saturday night. “The love and passion for football, it's non-negotiable. They're caring, their character, they do the right thing persistently, and they have a relentless playing style that you can see on tape. The motor, it burns hot. You see them finishing plays. They have a team-first mentality. They're selfless individuals.


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        Is miles ahead of jukin a compliment?


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          It is to me!

          Good one 60!
          Official Driver of the Eagles Bandwagon!!!
          Bleedin' Green since birth!

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            The nurse apparently forgot to pass out the happy pills at the old folks home.
            Whatcha Gonna Do Brother, When the Eagles run wild on you?


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              I thought this was a thread on iphones