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Report: Eagles will be "first in line" to sign Plaxico Burress

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    Tommy Lawlor weighs in...

    Lots more talk over the weekend about Plaxico Burress coming to Philly. I remain confused on this idea. I have nothing against Plax being an Eagle. I’m just not sure how he fits in. Would he be willing to come here as a 30 catch guy and Red Zone specialist? If so, I guess I’m open. Even then, things aren’t crystal clear. Let’s look at receiver stats for 2010:

    DeSean Jackson — 47-1056 – 22.5 – 6 TDs
    Jeremy Maclin —— 70 – 964 – 13.8 – 10 TDs
    Jason Avant ——- 51 – 573 – 11.2 – 1 TD
    Riley Cooper ——- 7 – 116 – 16.6 – 1 TD
    Brent Celek ——– 42 – 511 – 12.2 – 4 TDs
    Clay Harbor ——– 9 – 72 – 8.0 – 1 TD
    LeSean McCoy —– 78 – 592 – 7.6 – 2 TDs
    Owen Schmitt —— 19 – 136 – 7.2 – 1 TD

    So where do we find 30-40 catches in that group? Or do we think we’ll throw an extra 50 or 60 passes? I’d like DeSean to get more catches (although part of that is on him simply catching the ball better). Celek had a down year with only 42 grabs. Clay Harbor and Riley Cooper are young guys I’d like to get more involved in the offense.

    Shady did catch 78 passes. Only about 1/3 of those were by design. He caught a lot of checkdowns. You can’t count on taking those throws away from him.

    Avant would be the big loser, most likely. He’s not such a weapon that we must get him 50 catches, but he is a really valuable 3rd down receiver. Plax could help on some plays, but I’m not sure we’ll find as many passes to come his way as he’d ideally like.

    You would think a team that only has one good WR would make a strong push for Plax. He could possibly be an impact player for the Chiefs or a team like that. Will Plax buy into being a role player or will he expect to be a starter type? Mike Vick bought into the fact he had bottomed out and had to change his ways. Plax might not have the same attitude.
    I’m going to remain skeptical of the reports, but there is some real logic to the thinking. Plax is a big time Red Zone weapon and that is an area where we’ve struggled for years. He wouldn’t solve the situation, but would be a weapon down there. He also might turn out to be an important role player that you got at a bargain price, as well as at a point in his career when he’s highly motivated.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with this situation.


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      Plaxico Burress Gets Out Of Jail On Monday

      Drew Rosenhaus revealed on twitter Monday that WR Plaxico Burress is going to be released from prison next Monday, June 6th. "He'll be a highly sought after free agent once the lockout is over. He's in great shape & healthy." hoped said Rosenhaus.

      Of course if all the speculation reports are true, the Eagles will likely have a limo waiting outside the prison ready to immediately bring him to Philadelphia. After all, it makes so much sense! The Eagles one time have a long history of hiring ex-cons straight out of prison. So obviously they'd want Burress.

      But if that logic doesn't work for you, no big deal. Just read what Adam Caplan had to say. This guy to talked to "personnel sources."
      From talking to personnel sources recently, one told me that Reid has always been impressed with Burress’ ability to beat coverage with his size and that he expects the Eagles to make a run at him once free agency starts.
      Personnel sources for what team? Who knows. What is a personnel source anyway? Doesn't matter. Plax is coming here baby! The personnel source says that Andy Reid has always been impressed with him. If that's not proof what is?! Plus, the biggest bombshell of all, the personnel source expects the Eagles to go get him. Reserve that authentic #17 people.
      Oh and if you're worried about a line outside the jail when Plax gets out... don't. The Eagles are already first in the line.


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        Sounds like there's definitely interest on Burress's part.

        Per RotoWorld...

        Brandon Jacobs, Plaxico Burress' best friend on the Giants, says the free agent believes he will end up signing with the Eagles.

        Jacobs agrees that Burress will likely end up in Philadelphia, looking for a "new start" like the one Michael Vick received. Plax has already spoken with Vick, setting the Eagles as the prohibitive favorites to sign the 33-year-old. Adding the red-zone threat would be yet another reason to draft Vick in the first round this year. Jacobs emphasized that there is "no chance" Plax will re-sign with the Giants. "No chance," Jacobs reiterated. "None."
        Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports the Eagles are "absolutely interested in pursuing" free agent Plaxico Burress.

        Burress has spoken with Michael Vick, and it sounds like the two already have a tentative plan in place. "Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy," said Brandon Jacobs, Burress' best friend on the Giants. "They sort of went through the same things ... It wouldn't be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there if you want to win. He wants to go down there, he wants to have a chance to win the Super Bowl right away."
        If free agent Plaxico Burress fails to come to agreement with the Eagles, he could end up turning his attention to the Rams.

        "I've heard him say that, too, yeah," said friend and former teammate Brandon Jacobs. "He said he wouldn't mind going out there to play for (coach Steve Spagnuolo)." Sam Bradford could use a physical red-zone threat, but the Rams are already up against the roster limit at wide receiver -- especially if Mark Clayton is re-signed.


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          Per RotoWorld...

          Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune considers free agent Plaxico Burress unlikely to land with the Raiders.

          There's so much Burress talk right now because he's getting released from prison on June 6. Signing Burress would only take away valuable snaps from youngsters Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy, and Darrius Heyward-Bey, and there's certainly no guarantee that Burress is even a good player anymore. Oakland is one of the least desirable landing spots we could think of for Plax.
          ESPN New York's Rich Cimini "gets the feeling" that the Jets prefer free agent Randy Moss over free agent Plaxico Burress.

          Cimini admits he doesn't have evidence of the Jets' interest, but there have been countless reports that New York will pursue Moss. "This much I can tell you," writes Cimini. "If the Jets lose Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards, yes, I think they'd look at Moss and Burress. I get the feeling they'd prefer Moss."
          According to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane, reports of the Eagles' interest in free agent Plaxico Burress are "coming from Plax's people."

          "More I think about this Plaxico to Eagles thing the more I'm convinced it is unlikely," McLane added on Twitter. McLane's theory is that Burress' agent is spreading the rumors in order to generate interest in his client. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. McLane's colleague, Jonathan Tamari, agrees with the idea and notes that Burress' addition would knock promising youngster Riley Cooper down the depth chart.
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            Plax has always been a head case. When he was a FA, he visited with Giants and walked out of interview, only to resurrect the talks later and sign a short deal. That said, prison has a way of resetting people's priorities, and he was never the turd on the Vick scale to start. The Eagles biggest weakness on offense has been red zone efficiency. Plax solves it in one fell swoop and will create other options for Vick between the twenties. Let's not forget that DJax now has a concussion history. Who is no. 2 if he goes out for 4-6 weeks. Can never have enough depth in the NFL. Sign him up.
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              Plaxico Burress Tells Former Teammate He Wants To Be An Eagle

              After several weeks worth of speculation and innuendo, we might actually have our first firm report that Plaxico Burress may indeed be joining the Eagles next year. Brandon Jacobs was in New York this evening to attend a celebrity billiards tournament put on by Justin Tuck and reporters asked him about the possibility of Plaxico Burress rejoining the Giants upon his release from prison. Jacobs said he'd love to have him back, but admitted that there was "no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home."

              However, he has spoken with Burress and does have an idea of where he might be next year. From Big Blue View.
              "I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him," Jacobs said of the Eagles when asked if he was talking about Philadelphia. "It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations. Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy. They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there. It wouldn't be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there."
              So clearly Burress told Jacobs that he thinks the Eagles are the best fit for him. We know that he and Michael Vick have spoken and are friends, so it makes sense that he would want to play with Vick, especially given the way the QB has turned things around. Plus, we already know Vick would like to see Plaxico here.

              There's still questions obviously. How interested are the Eagles in him? The reports we've seen so far seem to indicate that they are, but these reports haven't exactly been the most solid. Of course, there's the question of money. What kind of contract is he looking for? Are the Eagles open to bringing him in, but only at the right price?

              It should be interesting to say the least. But I think we can treat this as pretty firm proof that Burress has his sights set on Philadelphia. By the way, I don't think he's going to be the only player this offseason drawn to Philadelphia because of Michael Vick.


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                I don't see the comparison between Vick and Burress. Vick was never a problem in Atlanta. His problems were off the field. I think that his teammates liked him fine as did the owner and coach. Burress on the other hand was fined constantly for being a jerk (wasn't he even suspended?). The Giants had pretty much had it with him when he finally screwed up big time and went off to jail. I don't see him being humble and a good teammate wherever he goes. He's an awful fit with Philly's young wrs IMO. This guy is a tremendous talent and an even bigger POS. I vote no.
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                  I think he's worth bringing in for a look, though, if the price is minimal, if he looks healthy, if he seems reformed, and if he understands that he's the #4 receiver going into the season. There's little downside. That's a lot of if's, but I wouldn't rule it out completely without investigating if I'm the Eagles.
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                    More On Plaxico As A Possible Eagle
                    Tommy Lawlor

                    I’m starting to think there is more to this story than just idle speculation. Adam Caplan from wrote that he thinks the Eagles could very well be interested in signing Burress once free agency begins. Caplan is one of many NFL insiders, but he’s one that Eagles fans should pay definite attention to. Caplan spends a lot of time in Philly and is close to several members of the Eagles organization.

                    Caplan references talking to personnel executives. He doesn’t say anything about talking to Eagles sources, but Caplan is too smart to come out and say anything like that. It is possible he’s talked to Andy Reid, Howie Roseman, Louis Reddick, or someone else and that is what is driving his speculation. It’s also possible that he’s just taking a blind stab.

                    If it were Adam Schefter or Chris Mortensen I’d dismiss the Burress talk as idle offseason banter. The fact Caplan is weighing in changes the way I look at it. Even if he didn’t get a scoop from the Eagles, Caplan knows how they think and operate. He’s only going to write about something like this if he thinks it is based in some sort of reality.

                    Now we have some comments from Brandon Jacobs that throw fuel on the fire.

                    “I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him,” Jacobs said of the Eagles when asked if he was talking about Philadelphia. “It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations. Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy. They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there. He wants to win.”

                    Jacobs is one of Burress’ best friends and has remained in constant contact with the wide receiver, who accidentally shot himself in the thigh in November 2008. Burress pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He’s eligible for time off for good behavior, so his prison time will end Monday after serving 21 months of his two-year sentence.

                    Jacobs said he is “so sure” of Burress’ thinking “because I talk to him once a week.”

                    Interesting to think that Plaxico wants to come here, if Jacobs is right. That shows you the power of Michael Vick and his rehab story. Players see the Eagles as a good team and positive environment. It also helps that both Plax and Vick are from the same area of Virginia. Plax being on board with this move is important. I’d only be interested in him if he wants to come here and try to fit in. I don’t want some deal where his agent has talked him into this being a good spot and he’s coming here with the mindset of doing a year of NFL rehab. I want someone who wants to be here. Plax is a luxury, not a necessity. Only add him if you think the move can work.

                    Something interesting occurred to me tonight. None of this means much if Vick doesn’t know how to use a big WR. The good news is that Vick had success during his time in Atlanta with a big WR, former Eagle Brian Finneran (6’5, 210). Brian put up good numbers in both 2002 (56-838-6) and 2005 (50-611-2). Vick was hurt in 2003 and the Falcons didn’t have a strong offense. 2004 just seems to have been an off year for Finneran. The TD totals aren’t all that impressive during their time together, but Vick was a mediocre passer back in those days.

                    Plaxico caught 26 TDs in his last 41 games as a Giant. Plenty of those came in the Red Zone, and more than a few came against us. Just ask Sheldon Brown. I’m sure he still wakes up in a cold sweat at times when having flashback nightmares.

                    Plaxico wouldn’t be an answer to our Red Zone struggles, but he could be a big help. Think about this…what is our base pass play in the Red Zone? It doesn’t involve DeSean Jackson. There isn’t one play where Jeremy Maclin consistently gets open. Brent Celek? Jason Avant? Riley Cooper?
                    With Plaxico the fade pass would become a play that defenses would absolutely have to gameplan for. That would dictate coverages and matchups, which would allow Reid to design counters play off it. If he was able to haul in 4 Red Zone TDs, that could mean the difference in winning and losing at least one game if not a couple. Who knows what happens in the WAS, TEN, and CHI games if we’re able to score TDs instead of settling for FGs.

                    I’m still not completely sold that the Eagles will make a strong push for Burress, but I do now think it is at least a realistic possibility. As I mentioned the other day, going after Burress would be a sign that Reid is making a strong push for the Super Bowl this year. You don’t add a player like Plax unless you think he can put you over the top.

                    * * * * *

                    We talked the other day about which Eagles receiver this would impact. Riley Cooper would likely lose a lot of his playing time on offense. If active, he could still play on STs. One positive note for Cooper would be the ability to learn from Plax. Think about it…there is no big receiver right now for Cooper to learn from. DJax and J-Mac can’t teach him anything about how to play big. Jason Avant plays bigger than he is, but I’m still not sure he can have significant impact on Coop. Plax could. He’s been one of the best big WRs in recent memory.

                    Cooper has the size, speed and ability to be a good role player (at least). He needs to hone his skills and learn the subtleties of being a big receiver. Plax could give him some excellent on-the-job training in 2011.


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                      Burress-to-Eagles rumors are a little premature
                      Jeff McLane,

                      The Eagles are first in line to acquire Plaxico Burress, according to the prevailing theory.

                      There's one problem with this premise: It isn't likely.

                      Last week, the New York Post reported the Eagles will likely sign the former New York Giants receiver once he is released from the Oneida Correctional Facility on Monday.

                      On Thursday, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told New York reporters that Burress had the Eagles at the top of his wish list. The New York Daily News, citing an NFL source, wrote that the Eagles were "absolutely interested in pursuing" him.

                      The Eagles can't publicly comment on Burress during the lockout, but it's safe to say the Burress information isn't coming from the NovaCare Complex.

                      It seems the Eagles' roll of the dice with Michael Vick has prompted the speculation. Vick, who hails from the same Chesapeake Bay area and is friends with Burress, has gone so far as to endorse the idea.

                      Burress will be 34 in August and hasn't played football since 2008 - when he shot himself at a Manhattan nightclub and was subsequently sentenced to two years in prison.

                      The matter of the third receiver, after DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, would appear to be far down on the Eagles' to-do list.


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                        Eagles could be great for Plaxico Burress

                        Plaxico Burress is not Michael Vick, and because of this he should not -- cannot -- expect the same kind of opportunity. He is not a quarterback. He is not as young as Vick was two years ago. At his very best, Burress never thrilled a crowd or electrified an offense the way the on-the-field best of Vick has. So although the knuckleheaded crime for which Burress went to prison is almost certainly more forgivable than the calculated, unspeakable crimes for which Vick did his time, Burress is, ironically, likely to find the NFL less forgiving than Vick did.

                        That's why the Eagles make so much sense. If there's one organization in the NFL that might give Burress a chance based on something other than (or, more likely, in addition to) his potential value to the team, it's the one in Philadelphia, where Andy Reid gave Vick his post-prison opportunity and has reaped greater benefit than he ever imagined.

                        Brandon Jacobs, Burress' former Giants teammate, said Thursday that he talks with Burress once a week and thinks Burress will be an Eagle. Jacobs said that Burress still likes the Giants but wants a fresh start and that Burress' friendship with Vick is helping push him down I-95 to the City of Brotherly Love. Burress will get out of prison Monday, and because of the lockout, it will be a while before a team can sign him. But there are reports that Reid likes the idea of adding a receiver who can dominate with his size the way Burress can, and he would be a great fit on paper with the speedy, talented corps of receivers the Eagles already have in place.

                        Thing is, there exists a chance that Burress, who will turn 34 in August, won't be that good. That he won't be the same kind of player he was before he fired an unlicensed gun in a New York City nightclub and went away to prison for the past 21 months. And because of that very strong possibility, he needs to find a team that's willing to invest in him for slightly more altruistic reasons. The Eagles have recent track record with this, and Burress should count himself fortunate if they are in fact interested.

                        Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Reid's chief motives would be all selfless and high-minded. Reid's primary concern when evaluating this or any other potential personnel move is whether it's good for the Eagles. When he signed Vick in 2009, the biggest reason was that he believed he was adding a weapon that, when deployed in the correct situations, could help elevate his team over the Cowboys and Giants and win the NFC East.

                        But there was risk that Vick would not, so at least part of Reid's motivation was outreach to Vick the person, who needed help. And although Reid surely envisioned Vick helping as a player, there's no way he imagined what ended up happening. If he had, he wouldn't have installed Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback after trading Donovan McNabb. For the first year after the Eagles signed Vick, Reid and his coaching staff worked to help Vick improve as a quarterback without necessarily thinking he'd ever start at the position for their team. They are pleasantly surprised by the way it has all worked out, but they earned the benefit with hard, earnest, well-meaning work.

                        Reid could do the same thing with Burress. He is said to have a soft spot for trouble cases because of the legal problems his sons have endured, and the Vick case is stark proof that at least some aspect of sincere sympathy dwells in his heart. If Burress is looking for a team and a coach who will ask what they can do for him as opposed to asking only what he can do for them, he probably needs to do what Jacobs thinks he'll do and take whatever talents he has left to South Philly.


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                          My biggest fear about bringing Burress here is his influence on DJax. Jackson has a lot of ego already and at times has been a little bitch. Andy keeps him in line but if a first class prima donna ass hole like Burress is around I wouldn't be shocked to see Jackson start to take on some of that attitude.
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                            This is shocking news. SHOCKING!

                            Player rep Drew Rosenhaus insists "many teams want" free agent Plaxico Burress this summer.

                            "He will be a top free agent," says Rosenhaus. "He is healthy and ready to go. He will be signed shortly after the lockout ends." Rosenhaus is simply doing his job, attempting to create buzz around his client. It doesn't mean we have to believe him. We doubt Plax will land much guaranteed money, but it only takes one of 32 teams to take the plunge. Burress will be released from prison Monday.
                            This is much more realistic...

                            After speaking with front office people from five different receiver-needy teams, the National Football Post couldn't find a club interested in free agent Plaxico Burress.

                            "I’m very leery. Too many things could go wrong as opposed to going right," were the words of one personnel director. Another added, "not by any stretch can he be counted on as a go-to receiver anymore." The market for Burress has been dramatically overhyped, but he should still ultimately be able to find a taker.
                            And this...

                            Citing "sources around the team," Pro Football Weekly suggests the Eagles' interest in free agent Plaxico Burress is "perhaps only lukewarm."

                            This jibes with beat writer Jeff McLane's suspicion that the Eagles speculation is all being driven by Burress' camp. McLane has not addressed the report from reliable New York Daily News scribe Ralph Vacchiano that the Eagles are "absolutely interested" in Plax. It's easy to see contract and playing time as a factor, but we're not buying Plaxico's blocking of fourth receiver Riley Cooper as a reason for the Eagles to back off.
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                              This is a waste of typing, so I'm not even going to paste it. A Reskins blog explaining why the Skins shouldn't go after Plaxico. Yeah, no kidding. Plaxico didn't just sit in jail for 2 years hoping to get out someday and catch balls from John Beck. Even if Danny was dumb enough to consider it, I'm guessing there'd be 0 mutual interest.



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                                Plax is out of jail. Check out the Phillies cap he is sporting!

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