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Report: Eagles will be "first in line" to sign Plaxico Burress

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    came in to post the same thing.

    don't want that moron supporting the phils in any matter.


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      Plaxico Burress Wears A Phillies Cap Out Of Prison, Drew Rosenhaus Campaign In Full Swing

      In what I can only assume is a calculated move on the part of Drew Rosenhaus, Plaxico Burress left prison this morning wearing a Phillies cap. Of course everyone is taking this as further confirmation that he's headed to Philadelphia when the lockout ends.

      Of course, we already knew that Burress wanted to come here because he told Brandon Jacobs directly. We know "personnel sources" "expect" the Eagles to make a run at him. We've heard that Andy Reid has always been impressed with Burress, which is probably fairly obvious to assume considering how often he had his way with our secondary (sorry Sheldon).

      What we have yet to see or hear is anything resembling confirmation that there's interest on the Eagles part. In fact, this drumming up of interest is classic Drew Rosenhaus and we've seen it before. I'd be willing to place a fair bet that when you hear stuff like "personnel sources" or "a league source" claim the Eagles are interested in Burress, the source is Rosenhaus. Clearly, Rosenhaus sees Philadelphia as the best fit for his client because he's friends with Michael Vick and the Eagles now have a track record for a place to reclaim your career... so obviously he's going to try to drum up interest from them.

      I'll believe it when I see it. Like I've said for two years, after Michael Vick, nothing will shock me... but I don't put a lot of stock in any rumors of interest on the Eagles part.


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        The Phils hat was nothing but choreographed - as is all this Eagles talk, I would be shocked if the Eagles actually signed him.

        I would still sign him though - Plax > Holmes, Edwards, Moss, OchoCinco, but TO > Plax


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          Per RotoWorld...

          Beat writer Brad Biggs confirms that the Bears are unlikely to pursue free agent Plaxico Burress.

          The Bears were interested in Burress before he went to jail, determining that the was worth the risk despite some the off-field issues. But now that Mike Martz is leading the Bears' offense and prefers small, quick receivers, Burress isn't a fit. The Eagles are the favorites right now to take a flier on Burress.
          According to NFL Network's Mike Lombardi, the Eagles "love" second-year WR Riley Cooper as a fourth receiver.

          Lombardi sees Cooper as one of the reasons Philadelphia "makes no sense" as a landing spot for free agent Plaxico Burress. Cooper was the 159th overall pick in last year's draft, and caught seven passes for 116 yards with one touchdown as a rookie. We don't see good reason to believe Plax would be a definite upgrade. Cooper is a possible red-zone specialist at 6'3/215.
          NFL Network's Jason La Canfora suggests Seattle as a possible destination for free agent Plaxico Burress.

          La Canfora admits that he's "going out on a big limb here," but there isn't an NFL team located further away from New York, and the Seahawks under Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider have been willing to take risks on "baggage" players. "There will be demand (for Burress)," La Canfora promises. In Seattle, Burress could compete for playing time across from Big Mike Williams.
          Appearing on Sirius NFL Radio Monday, Rams DT Fred Robbins lobbied for his team to sign free agent Plaxico Burress.

          St. Louis is considered one of Burress' most probable landing spots because of his connection with ex-Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo, as well as several players on the Rams' roster. Robbins played with Plax on the Giants. According to Sirius NFL Radio host Adam Schein, Robbins "really wants Plaxico in St. Louis." It's not crazy to think Spags would at least give Plax a tryout.
          CSN New England's Tom Curran doesn't expect the Patriots to show interest in free agent Plaxico Burress.

          The Patriots are willing to gamble on character concerns, but Curran believes Burress "doesn't bring enough to the table" as a player to satisfy New England's need for a big receiver. Keep in mind that this is pure speculation on Curran's part. We wouldn't be surprised if Bill Belichick gave Plax a hard look.
          According to the Newark Star-Ledger, the Rams and Jets "are expected to at least inquire" about free agent Plaxico Burress.

          As most media outlets have already made clear, the Star-Ledger also foresees the Eagles being in the running. Close pal Brandon Jacobs even mentioned the Colts and Saints as "good fits" for the 34-year-old Burress. We tentatively consider the Eagles the favorites to land Plax. That could change if St. Louis gets serious about signing him. Jacobs is also now not ruling out the Giants, of whom he says, "I know they probably want (Burress) back."
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            The latest Plaxico news...

            Multiple sources close to Plaxico Burress tell the NY Daily News that the free agent wide receiver is determined to get out of New York.

            Burress' teammates, Brandon Jacobs and David Diehl, have said as much publicly. The Daily News takes this to mean that the Jets aren't a realistic landing spot, for reasons similar to why Burress won't re-sign with the Giants. For now, the Eagles and Rams appear to be tentative front-runners. Another source, speaking to the Daily News, put the Dolphins near the top of Plax's list.
            According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, agent Drew Rosenhaus and Plaxico Burress "repeatedly" expressed interest in Burress going to the Dolphins during Bill Parcells' tenure there.

            This could explain reports connecting Burress to the Dolphins -- they're coming from the Plax camp. The Sun-Sentinel "doubts" that the Fins will have interest when Burress is allowed to sign. Beat writer Omar Kelly considers Mike Sims-Walker, Santana Moss, Chad Ochocinco, and even Brad Smith likelier options.
            The player rep for free agent Plaxico Burress revealed Tuesday that his client is down to 225 pounds, about 15 fewer than his usual weight.

            Rosenhaus called Burress "stronger, healthier, faster than he's ever been. He's really the healthiest he's ever been." Rosenhaus also said Plax told him, "I'm gonna rip it up this year." The weight loss could potentially help Burress salvage any explosiveness he may have lost during a two-year prison term. Rosenhaus is "confident" that Burress' market will be strong.
            The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero reports the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in signing free agent Plaxico Buress.

            As with the rest of the suggested landing spots, the initial speculation is originating with Plax's camp. The Dolphins already have one problem-child receiver in Brandon Marshall. We can't blame them for passing on Plax, who was difficult for coaches and quarterbacks to handle before his prison sentence.
            One Eagles source tells Len Pasquarelli of The Sports Xchange that Michael Vick has "not really (lobbied) all that hard" for the Eagles to pursue free agent Plaxico Burress.

            This report fits the prevailing belief that Burress' camp is driving all of the speculation on his potential landing spots. Pasquarelli expects just 3-4 NFL teams to seriously entertain signing Plaxico. "He's got a lot of (stuff) to overcome," said one NFC personnel director. "That resume definitely has some holes." Of the 31 receivers with 60 or more catches last year, only two were older than Plax will be at the start of this season.
            ESPN's John Clayton named the Redskins his "No. 2 favorite" to sign free agent Plaxico Burress.

            We're not sure how plugged in Clayton is nationally at this point. This prediction may be no more than connecting dots based on owner Daniel Snyder's history with veteran free agent signings. Redskins beat writers Grant Paulsen and Rich Tandler are both skeptical that Burress will be a target once the lockout is lifted.
            Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times doubts the Ravens will have interest in free agent Plaxico Burress.

            The Ravens never showed past interest in Burress when he's hit the open market. Their major offseason need was a legit downfield homerun threat whereas signing Plax would add another slow, aging possession receiver.
            The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns will not pursue free agent Plaxico Burress.

  's Peter King suggested last week that Cleveland would make sense as a landing spot, giving Colt McCoy a veteran go-to receiver. That won't be happening. We have trouble believing any team in the rebuilding process would bother with the aging knucklehead receiver, two-and-half years removed from his last NFL snap. His best fit is as a role player on a contender.
            According to the New York Post, scouts believed free agent Plaxico Burress was losing his speed back in 2008 before the Giants cut ties.

            "His days of starting or being a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver at this point are behind him," a veteran NFL talent analyst said, suggesting Plax could still be valuable as a "situational" receiver. The same talent evaluator notes that Burress was a "pain in the [butt]" to Tom Coughlin, and he will have a short leash wherever he signs if he "comes in and starts pulling his normal [stuff]."


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              Avant: Eagles could use Burress in the red zone

              Tuesday, June 7, 2011
              Posted: 1:56 p.m.

              By Dave Zangaro

              Plaxico Burress left a New York prison on Monday after nearly two years behind bars. That might have been the end of the story, but the former Giants star, upon being released, sported an old-school red Phillies cap.

              Cue the swirling rumors.

              On Tuesday, a day after Burress’ release, Eagles wideout Jason Avant was asked about the possibility of Burress joining the Birds.

              “I really don’t pay attention to that, but I hope he does well, though,” Avant said. “I want him to succeed in whatever he does. If that means Philadelphia, great. We could use him in the red zone.”

              The Eagles were 15th in red zone scoring percentage last season (52.46 percent).

              “We can always use a guy that’s a basketball 6-9 and a football 6-7 in the red zone,” Avant said.

              Actually, Burress is 6-foot-5. In 10 games in 2008, he caught only four touchdown passes, but in 2007, he caught 12 TD passes. Of course, Burress has spent two years away from the game and will turn 34 in August.

              “I believe that he can do it because of what type of talent he was,” Avant said.

              Avant also said that no one knows what Burress has been doing to keep himself in shape.

              The Eagles took a chance on quarterback Michael Vick when he was released from prison and it paid off. Avant, however, doesn’t think that makes the team an obvious choice for Burress.

              “I don’t know if it’s necessarily the Eagles. It’s the person,” he said. “The Eagles took a chance on Mike [Vick] and he was grateful for that. It has to be the person or the program. The organization isn’t going to change the person.

              “My hope is that prison has transformed him and he’s now on the right path and if he comes back to the league it’s a great story.”

              E-mail Dave Zangaro at [email protected]


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                The latest tidbit...

                Coach Andy Reid suggested Wednesday that the Eagles have yet to discuss whether or not to pursue free agent Plaxico Burress.

                "We haven't even gone there," said Reid. "There is nothing we can do right now." This is where we'd like to point out that Reid has picked up a dirty little habit of bending the truth to suit his purposes the past couple of years. We find it hard to believe the Eagles front office hasn't discussed the pros and cons of adding Plax.


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                  Lurie: Evaluating Plaxico would be similar to evaluating Vick

                  Although the Eagles aren’t coming right out and saying they’re interested in signing Plaxico Burress, owner Jeffrey Lurie talked generally about the possibility, saying that deciding to sign Burress shortly after his release from prison would require a process much like the team went through before deciding to sign Michael Vick shortly after his release from prison.
                  It would be similar,” Lurie said, per “Any player, if there’s issues off the field, we have to ascertain . . . are they going to represent the Eagles and the community that we serve? Are they going to be part of events like this? Michael has shown this. If a player is not willing to be part of the culture we have, then I don’t think it’s a good fit.”

                  Although Burress and Vick are obviously similar in the sense that they’re NFL players who missed two seasons while in prison, Lurie said that the Eagles’ positive experience with Vick doesn’t necessarily make them more interested in Burress.

                  “We evaluate case by case. It involved a lot of research into Michael — what kind of teammate he was. What his motivations were. How much he cared for the game,” Lurie said. “We’ve shown we’ll take chances if it’s warranted.”

                  Lurie says that until the lockout ends and teams can sit down and talk to free agents, there’s not a whole lot the Eagles can do in their assessment of Burress.

                  “You can evaluate his talent,” Lurie said. “You can evaluate his age. But you can’t evaluate where his heart and his head are at the moment.”
                  But once the lockout ends, Lurie sounds like he wants to find out where Burress’s heart and head are. And if they’re in the right place, Burress may be in Philadelphia.


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                    The latest...

                    Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, citing "several team sources," confirms that the Eagles are indeed interested in free agent Plaxico Burress.

                    McLane was easily the biggest doubter in the Philadelphia media when rumors of the Eagles' interest in Plax first broke. He's now done a total 180. McLane's flip confirms that other media outlets' reports on Burress-to-Philly were not wholly agent driven. The interest is mutual. The Eagles remain the front-runners for Plax, but their hands are tied during the lockout.


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                      I found it somewhat interesting that Burress was sporting a Phillies cap the other day when he was released. Not that it means anything.


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                        Originally posted by Eaglebreath View Post
                        I found it somewhat interesting that Burress was sporting a Phillies cap the other day when he was released. Not that it means anything.
                        That's almost enough to make you pick another team to route for.
                        "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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                          'Just Give Me a Playbook'
                          In His First Post-Prison Interview, Plaxico Burress Talks Football and Family.

                          The food was awful and the weight room wasn't much beyond serviceable, but after 20 months and 16 days in prison, Plaxico Burress says he definitely came out a better pass-catcher.

                          "There weren't a lot of guys throwing perfect spirals in there," the one-time Giants receiver said with his characteristically quiet chuckle. "I had to work to catch those balls."

                          In his first interview since his Monday release from the Oneida Correctional Facility, Burress would not say which NFL teams he'd like to play for or where he'd match up well. But he insisted he's hungrier than ever and ready to play in any kind of scheme. In fact, he sounded more daunted by taming his fiery 18-month-old daughter than he did about getting back in football shape.

                          "She's just running the household," he said, laughing. "None of us has a choice."

                          Burress last played an NFL game on November 23, 2008, five days before he accidentally shot himself in a New York City nightclub. He recovered from the wound in two weeks, but because the gun was unlicensed in New York, he ultimately pleaded guilty to a weapons charge. He's free now, two months shy of his 34th birthday, and with the NFL still in the midst of a lockout, he has some time to prove he still has game.

                          "I know what I'm capable of. All I need to say to teams is 'don't judge my future by my past,'" he said. "Just let me come out and play football."
                          The 6-foot-5 receiver, once a game-breaker because of exquisite body control and exceptional hands, has prompted speculation in nearly every NFL market this week.

                          Neither he nor his agent is allowed to speak to teams during the lockout, although quarterback Michael Vick, an old friend from Virginia who has counseled him throughout his imprisonment, has very vocally lobbied for him to join the Philadelphia Eagles. "Just give me a playbook and I'll learn it," Burress said.

                          As for the Giants, defensive end Justin Tuck and center Shaun O'Hara—both of whom have served as captains—said they'd like him back in blue. Running back Brandon Jacobs , a good friend, regularly sported "Free Plaxico" shirts during the receiver's imprisonment.

                          "You never know what may happen," Burress said. "I love New York. My fan base has always supported me there, and I've had teammates there who I've shared special moments with outside of football."

                          Burress said Giants co-owner Steve Tisch visited him in prison, as did Tisch's right-hand man, Sammy Arthur. He said former teammates Osi Umenyiora, Michael Strahan, Amani Toomer and David Tyree all made the trip, too, something he called "a very humbling experience."

                          Burress said he watched football on Sunday and Monday nights, though it was whatever games the general inmate population was tuned to. His takeaway from that, he said, is that "it definitely makes you hungrier. You watch your friends have success and you want to recommit yourself and accomplish things again."

                          "There is nothing pleasant about prison," he added. "There's so much I can tell you and (at the same time) no one thing I can put my finger on. There's an emotional toll and there were definitely some guys I was around who'd done things that made me say, 'Really, seriously, I am here?'"

                          Until this lockout resolves itself, Burress said he's focused primarily on acclimating to a family that for nearly two years functioned without him. His wife, Tiffany, said their now-4- year-old son Elijah spent 30 minutes on the phone nightly with his father these past 20 months, but Burress said the in-person interaction is totally different.

                          "Time had definitely passed. I hold conversations with my son and I see how really intelligent he is and I'm so grateful," he said. Daughter Giovanna, on the other hand, "we just have to let her do her," he said, the pride obvious in his voice.

                          He joked about re-learning how to discipline kids, admitting that between him and his wife, he's "100% the softy." He said seeing both kids inevitably end up in the same bed as he and his wife this week during the family retreat to Florida isn't remotely bothersome.

                          Burress said he has spoken to Vick, who two years after his own release from prison was the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year. He said the signal-caller's strongest advice was to put his family first. That, Burress said, hasn't taken any arm-twisting.

                          Burress said he'll return this weekend to the family's Totowa, N.J., home and will start returning to public view. Monday, he'll make his first public appearance alongside former Colts coach Tony Dungy. They'll be at the National Urban League to discuss an initiative involving gun safety. Burress has already found himself a twitter handle (@plaxico) and wife Tiffany has allowed a CNN film crew to capture some of their family time.

                          "I'm taking it easy this week, but next week it starts again," Burress said. "I think I'll get right back into it and I'll fall back in line with all of it. How I feel about football and what I know I can do—that's not anything two years can change."


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                            Latest news...

                            The Houston Chronicle's John McClain doesn't envision the Texans pursuing free agent Plaxico Burress.

                            The Texans lacked for a consistent target behind Andre Johnson last season, but free agent Jacoby Jones continued to show promise, and the two sides have mutual interest in working out a new deal. The Texans are likely to spend their free agent money on defense, not a fresh out of prison 33-year-old wideout.


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                              Originally posted by YourPalChrisMal View Post
                              The latest tidbit...
                              Yeah, Andy likes to bend the truth a little. When he said the Eagles have yet to discuss adding Plaxico he was talking about the music group.
                              FRESH > cancer

                              I hate everything the Cowboys stand for. If you think they are America's team, then you support everything that is wrong with America. The excess, the greed, the lack of maturity, the lack of responsibility, the lack of control. - Luzinski's Gut


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                                The latest...

                                Columnist Gene Frenette does not expect the Jaguars to pursue free agent Plaxico Burress.

                                Frenette points out that GM Gene Smith doesn't bring in guys with character questions -- especially those that will be 34 in August. Even though the Jags are desperate for wideout help, Burress doesn't make much sense here. They need to add young talent to the position as Mike Sims-Walker is expected to walk in free agency.