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(ot) Hats off to the Os and the Royals

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  • (ot) Hats off to the Os and the Royals

    Don't dislike Detroit but I do like the Orioles and you gotta love KC taking down the West Coast Yankees (payroll).

    George Brett, who was always a favorite of mine, looks pretty good for a guy in his 60s. (Of course, not as good as Popper and I)

    Tough to choose which of these 2 teams to pull for but I will be rooting for the A L in the Series. Cards, Dodgers and Nats can all blow me!
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    The choice is an easy one......

    Stand for the flag you assholes!

    Eagles, Flyers Phillies fan since 1977. GO O'S!!


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      I've been an O's fan my whole life. I don't follow baseball that much these days, but I know who I'm rooting for.


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        Between my time living in Harrisburg and DC I've adopted the Orioles as my #2 team (and AL team) after the Phils.


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          as underdogs i like both teams. Plus the Os winning it would really piss off Yankees and Red Sox fans.

          But there's 1983. I hold a grudge.


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            ahh, good ole 1983

            Tito Landrum baby! Rick Dempsey of all guys.

            it's been a long time for both of these franchises. But as an O's fan, this cute little Royals thing has to come to an end. I wanna see those neck veins popping out on Brett like to ole pine tar incident

            Let's go O'S!
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              in 1980, it was cool but I was probably too young to full appreciate it.

              In 1983, I was vested in that team. I've been holding a grudge for 31 years.

              But seriously, i root for the Os just because they aren't the Red Sox and the Yankees. I also root for the Royals becuase of the small marketing thing.

              I'll be rooting for either team over the assholes in the NL in the WS.


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                I've thought about the 1983 World Series a few times (and like sfphillyfan I was a little too young to fully remember the 1980 Phillies but definitely remember the 1983 Phillies). In all honesty, it was remarkable the 1983 Phillies even made the World Series. They were an old team prone to offensive droughts, and were carried by their pitching, which in the rotation featured a guy having a career year who won the Cy Young Award (John Denny) and two rookies who joined the team during the season and solidified the rotation by doing a solid if not spectacular job (Charles Hudson and Kevin Gross). They hovered around .500 for most of the season until they got hot in September and broke away from the rest of the NL East. They were dominated by the Dodgers during the season, losing 11 out of 12 games, yet they beat Los Angeles 3 out of 4 in the NLCS. Finally, when the Phils got to the World Series they played a team with more players in their prime, including two clear Hall of Famers (Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken Jr.) that probably played in the best division in baseball that season. It would have been a significant upset had the Phillies beaten the MLB team domiciled a little less than 100 miles to the southwest off of I-95.

                Though as an almost 11 year old I was disappointed when the Phils lost the 1983 World Series (and I frown a little whenever I go to OPACY and see that picture in the lower concourse behind home plate of the Orioles celebrating at the Vet at the conclusion of that series), it wasn't that painful a loss, probably because it wasn't a close series. In retrospect, it was a great accomplishment for the 1983 Phillies just to make the World Series, and that's the way I look at the 1983 NL pennant-winning Phils.


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                  This is easy for me. Since I moved to the Eastern Shore of Md I adopted the O's as my 2nd favorite Team. I've followed this Club all year & would love to see them in the WS. Buck has done a great job this year with all the injuries & certainly deserves consideration for Manager of the Year. Ought to be one Helluva series to watch. LET'S GO O 's!!!
                  Just give me ONE before I go!


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                    It's funny how many people (at least on here), including myself, like the Baltimore Orioles but don't like the Baltimore Ravens. Just an observation.


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                      Originally posted by CHIP72 View Post
                      It's funny how many people (at least on here), including myself, like the Baltimore Orioles but don't like the Baltimore Ravens. Just an observation.
                      How many murderers were regarded as team leaders and treated like royalty by the Orioles?


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                        Originally posted by tinopuno View Post
                        How many murderers were regarded as team leaders and treated like royalty by the Orioles?
                        Very true. I think other factors, such as how long each team has played in Baltimore, how each team came to Baltimore, and how successful each team has been in recent years, are also contributing factors. Additionally, though this may just be me, I think people are more inclined to have a second-favorite team in major league baseball (especially one in the other league) than they are in pro football. That probably has to do with how many games are played in each sport.

                        I know for me personally the best attribute of the Ravens is that they aren't the Squealers or Deadskins, both of whom I hope lose every game they play (except against each other or sometimes against the Cowgirls in the Deadskins' case).


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                          since my Dad was born just outside of Maryland, I probably would have been a Colts fan had they not been such a mess in the late seventees early eighties when I first was getting into sports.

                          instead my Uncle in Westchester PA won my allegiance with a Wilbert Montgomery jersey and I became an Eagle fan in 1978. Which is just as well, as the Colts upped and moved just 6 years later with their 25-63-1 record for 78 until that day

                          same with the Flyers. I got a Bobby Clarke jersey from him as well

                          The Orioles were the one constant and stuck since birth

                          blowing the 3 games to 1 advantage to the Pirates in 79 hurt. 83 was a nice reprieve and seeing a young rookie SS help win it all was pretty cool. from 84-95 it was brutal. 21 straight losses to start 1988. I still remember my Red Sox buddies throwing me a party when they finally won. Jeffrey Maier broke my heart in 96. Benitez broke it in 97. Musina pitched two gems and lost both because of him. Then Musina broke my heart in 2000 and went to NY

                          from then til 2012 I barely paid much attention to baseball. It was owned by the Yankees and RedSox and made me nauseous

                          best thing MLB ever did was add those Wild Cards. The difference from he haves and have nots are not as bad. 2012 was alot of fun. Raul Ibanez ruined that, but maybe the O's were not quite readt yet? Last year wasn't bad. 85 wins. But man were the Sox hot. This year it was all lined up and losing Wieters and then Machado really hurts.

                          but maybe it's destiny? Go O's


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                            I'm rooting for the Royals. Their closer even reminds me of Dan Quisenberry a little bit.

                            So are they lining up Dennis Leonard and Paul Splittorff for Games 1 and 2?
                            Don't kid yourself Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd kill you and everyone you cared about!


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                              Originally posted by dawkins20 View Post
                              Jeffrey Maier broke my heart in 96.
                              That smart ass little shit should have been ejected from the stadium and Jeter declared out for fan interference. Instead the smug little asshole became a hero in NYC, a city that doesn't ask "Is it right?", only "What's in it for me?"

                              'At the start of each game, Bob Shepard used to announce, "Spectators are not to go on the field or IN ANY WAY INTERFERE WITH PLAY ON THE FIELD. Anybody going on the field or interfering with play will be ejected from the Stadium and subject to arrest. Those in the field boxes especially are reminded not to reach over the railing for a baseball and not to interfere with baseballs still in play."

                              Of course, the umpire, Richie Garcia, was also at fault. Jeter should have been called out for spectator interference as Tony Terasco was waiting at the wall to make a routine catch of what was simply a long fly ball.

                              For years after that travesty, Maier was a minor celebrity to the unprincipled scum that make up Yankee Nation. I always wanted
                              something bad to happen to him.

                              If Maier had done that to the Phillies in a game of that importance and if I was close to his age,
                              I'd like to think that I'm crazy and vengeful enough that I would have bided my time for years,
                              looked him up when he was in his late teens and then beat the holy snot out of the smarmy bastard.

                              Is that wrong?