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Training Camp Battle From Buddy Era

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  • Training Camp Battle From Buddy Era

    funny shit

    The hilarious naked Eagles locker room altercation you probably never heard about

    May 15, 2015, 2:15 pm

    Most Philadelphia sports fans are familiar with the locker room tale of a near-naked Terrell Owens and team "Bad-assa-dor" Hugh Douglas fist fighting during the Andy Reid era of the Eagles -- "let me go get my shoes," T.O. allegedly said -- but yesterday we learned about an even wackier tale of naked locker room shenanigans.
    It comes to us courtesy of Dom Cosentino of who transcribed a portion of ESPN's "Mike & Mike" show in which former Eagle Mike Golic tells a story about Jerome Brown almost laying a whooping on teammate Ron Heller and a whole bunch of butt naked offensive lineman.
    The story dates back to the Buddy Ryan era of the late 80s and early 90s, a much different time in sports than the one we are used to today.'s Reuben Frank was around for those days and painted a picture of those two guys disliking each other was like.
    "Jerome and Heller always hated each other," Roob told us. "They used to fight all the time in training camp. A lot of it was the Penn Sate-Miami thing. But also Jerome tried to intimidate offensive lineman (and everybody else, including me). But Heller was a very tough guy and didn't back down from anybody. Borderline dirty. He was once selected by The National (the old national sports paper) as the dirtiest player in the NFL. So there was constant tension between Heller and Jerome. And unlike Andy Reid or Chip Kelly, Buddy Ryan encouraged that stuff. He wanted guys to fight each other. He thought it toughened the team up. And Jerome and Heller certainly had their altercations in training camp."
    Which sets up Golic's story rather nicely. You can listen to the audio of it here ($) where he is talking about a one-on-one lineman drill between the offense and defense which set things in motion.
    "And there was, literally, after every one-on-one, a scrum, a fight. And the two that yapped the most were Jerome Brown and Ron Heller—and they didn't even go against each other much. ... But they were the ones yapping.
    "And went over to the end of practice into two-minute drill, when we were going live. Yapping, fighting, talking, fighting, fighting, to where, you know, 'I'm going to get you, I'm going to get you.' Just back and forth, the whole time.
    "So practice is over. We're hot. Nobody's in a good mood, nobody's forgiven anybody of anything. So, the O-line goes in, and we had to stay out and do a little more after practice. So right when you walk into the locker rooms, in West Chester, where we were, you have to walk by the showers. So we're still agitated from what went on, we're ticked off, certainly the O-line is as well.
    "So by the time we walked back into the locker room, we're in full gear—I mean, cleats on, everything, carrying our helmets, shoulders pads, the whole deal. And we're walking by—there's two entrances to the showers. We pass the first one. And as we're getting to the second one, out walks Heller, who doesn't know we're coming there, but he's just finishing his shower. So he's walking out—buck naked, obviously.
    "There's all of us walking there, and he walks out, turns, looks at Jerome, who's right out front there. So we're in all our gear, he's buck naked, and he says, 'Jerome, you know, hot, tough day out there, you know, let's let bygones be bygones,' and kind of put his hand out.
    "Jerome, in only the way Jerome can—and now, at this point, the other O-linemen are coming out of the shower, naked, OK? And Jerome does basically what Jerome does, tells Ron what he thinks of him, you know, in a not-so-nice way. Heller said, 'Fine.'
    "So, there's a naked Ron Heller ready to box. Jerome throws his helmet down. He gets in a boxing stance. There's all of us uniformed D-linemen. A bunch of naked O-linemen; you might as well have played the Jets and the Sharks [from 'West Side Story'] going on there. ... They squared off, and then, luckily, they just both kind of realized and just kind of laughed and kind of said, 'All right, good deal,' and we all went on our way.
    "But it would have been a uniformed and buck-naked fight between the O-line and D-line, and believe me, we'd have used our cleats."
    A bit of a limp ending, not going to lie.
    Heller now works as an assistant coach for the New York Jets and Jerome Brown was obviously taken from us too soon.

    We're looking for people that are fundamentally different,” vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl said Saturday night. “The love and passion for football, it's non-negotiable. They're caring, their character, they do the right thing persistently, and they have a relentless playing style that you can see on tape. The motor, it burns hot. You see them finishing plays. They have a team-first mentality. They're selfless individuals.

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    Did you ever read BRINGING THE HEAT? It's a terrific book written about the 92 Eagles. Mark Bowden spent the season with the team on the inside and did the book on it. Best sports book that I ever read! It had that story in it. In fact Brown screamed at Heller "I can't fight you, you're nude" and supposedly they got along pretty well after that. The inside stories in that book are awesome.
    "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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      Great book. My Favorite part is on, 1 for 1 for 1, Marvin Hargrove. He got the nickname because he was thrown to 1 time and got 1 reception for 1 TD.
      Canada's #1 Eagles fan.