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I just wish kids appreciated what happened on June 7, 1942-D-Day

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    Originally posted by ThoughtProcess View Post
    I agree with this also, but I'll add that underfunding/erosion of the tax base also impacts education negatively in addition to PC gone wild.
    As a retired teacher I can tell you that you are right in that it's underfunded TP, but the PC bullshit is totally out of control. You can't even question a kid for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. In fact you can't question them about anything that they do. They've made it an impossible job now with no accountability for kids and I feel sorry for my younger friends that are still in it. They are pretty much forced to give a kid an A or a B, drink heavily and send them on their way .
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      Don’t sweat it man. I know it’s the 6th too but I get Dec 7 stuck in my head as well. I think kids would care about it if it was taught differently meaning teach it with entertainment. Show high school kids Band of Brothers or a Ken Burns documentary and then talk about it. They will get the sacrifice aspect of it eventually.
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