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A few points after breaking down tape

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  • A few points after breaking down tape

    The number one take guys is that people have to start getting off JP's ass. He played fine except for a couple of plays. In fact he and Goedert executed a stunt pickup so beautiful it looked like it was choreographed!

    Jenkins has played with his hair on fire for the last month! Maddox made so many nice plays and has balls the size of a bowling ball. Do you remember him taking on that 250 Dak straight on and standing him up so that Jenkins could finish him off to stop him short of a first down? WOW!! Sidney Jones perfectly played ball was a thing of beauty to save the game with a breakup. What they were holding up time to review it for is beyond me??? I suppose Al Riveron was contemplating if he wanted to go out with another bang! (I'm pretty sure that he's getting axed this off season.

    How the hell does Ward come off the bench after 3 years and become Mr. Everything? You can bet the Birds have a pass out of that wildcat formation.

    Standout single plays by Hector, Rush and especially Sweat!

    Re watching the last 4 minutes of the game when Dallas was driving was just as bad as yesterday! First Cooper blows by Douglas like he's not even there but Dak choked on the pass. The next play Gallup beats Mills but he gags and drops it!!! Ugh.

    Total unselfish play by Sanders on that last breakaway to ice the game.

    I didn't mind Jake missing the FG but duck hooking it to put a game away??? Man I hope that he gets that out of his head in a hurry. It's like getting the shanks when playing golf *right AW?

    One last thing that really bothered me. Remember that big 3rd and 1 play when Sanders got stuffed about 4 yds in the backfield because Dallas jumped into their goal line defense? Why the hell didn't Carson get out of the play or Doug call TO? If you watch it again it was like 6 on 2 in that area for Dallas. That play was doomed from the start.

    Finally, when have you ever seen an Eagle "tap out"? I can't remember a time. I did see Sanders make a little signal to the sideline when he was gassed and he was replaced! Huge difference there. I've see Cox bent over and his body over and his chest looks like an accordion but never have I seen him take himself out. Old school baby.
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