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No home field advantage for Birds

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  • No home field advantage for Birds

    City expects Eagles to play home games without fans in 2020

    The city is making the decision, rather than the NFL.

    By Alexis [email protected] Jul 14, 2020, 3:19pm EDT

    Eagles home games are expected to be a lot different in 2020, with the city of Philadelphia issuing an order to ban any indoor events of 25 or more people, per The Inquirer.

    “The Eagles are still going to be allowed to play, although without crowds. The Phillies will continue to be allowed to play, although without crowds,” Managing Director Brian Abernathy said.

    Abernathy said NFL guidelines also “remind teams that local authorities have the ability to ban fans, so I don’t expect any issues.”

    “We have been in communication with the Eagles. We have told them our expectations are that they don’t have fans,” Albernathy said.

    We already knew the NFL reduced the preseason to two games, and the NFLPA has been working with the NFL on a host of different rules and strategies to play safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but the league is running out of time to finalize things with training camp just around the corner.

    Eagles training camp will look a lot different with many COVID precautions
    The Eagles sent out notices to season ticket holders early in July notifying them that they wouldn’t be charged their deferred payment just yet, and that they would make more announcements after the holiday weekend. Now that it looks like the city, rather than the league, is mandating no fans at home games, not charging fans was a good move.

    There are still a lot of questions about the upcoming season, and not a whole lot of time left for decisions to be made.
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    I wonder about the contractual obligation. Can they move games from the Linc?


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      The NFL will allow fans where they can honestly so no doubt places like Dallas will have fans but I doubt it will be a sellout. It is going to be a lot different.

      Looking at the Birds schedule though I think it is going to be 80-90% empty stadiums.

      dallas and green bay may have fans. not sure who else
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        KC & Baltimore announced reduced seating at games. Baltimore is less than 14,000. Didn’t see a set number for KC but after paying Mahomes half a billion they’re going to need every penny they can squeeze out of their fans!
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          That's 14,000 people's noise that we won't have. That's still a lot of noise!
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            There's still a chance

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