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It doesn't fare well for rookies this season

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  • It doesn't fare well for rookies this season

    Source: NFL offers players to scrap all preseason games
    7/21/2020 6:32:47 AM
    The NFL has offered to scrap all preseason games, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press.

    The players’ association had sought no preseason games and the league had reduced the exhibition schedule to two games. But on Monday evening, the NFL said it would eliminate those preseason contests and also would offer players 18 days for acclimation, up from seven days. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the offer had not been made public.

    Another part of the offer is to provide a means for players concerned about participating in training camp and/or games to opt out and receive a stipend.

    The union has not yet accepted the offers. Should it do so, both sides would have taken a major step toward starting the season on time.

    Earlier Monday, the league said players will be tested daily for the coronavirus for at least the first two weeks of training camp, per the league’s new testing protocols.

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    Must be nice. I wish I could refuse to work and then receive a stipend because you know being a millionaire already isn't hard enough.


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      I really like what we drafted and signed from the undrafted market. I really want to see Killains behind the bulldozers
      We're looking for people that are fundamentally different,” vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl said Saturday night. “The love and passion for football, it's non-negotiable. They're caring, their character, they do the right thing persistently, and they have a relentless playing style that you can see on tape. The motor, it burns hot. You see them finishing plays. They have a team-first mentality. They're selfless individuals.


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        Originally posted by musicman View Post
        I really like what we drafted and signed from the undrafted market. I really want to see Killains behind the bulldozers
        If he's even in camp Korey. Almost all FAs are going to get cut because you can only start camp with 80 instead of 90 this year.
        "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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          Just scrap the season. I think it is going to come to that anyway, unless Covid makes a drastic downturn.

          We are going to have players testing positive every week that are going to have to sit out for an extended time. It's going to get crazy if they decide to play. Every team is going to take hits. And, some teams could have it spread to the point where a large part of the team is out.

          In order to prevent Covid, the league is going to have to force the players to live in a bubble. I doubt that happens with the mentality of young players.


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            I posted this in another thread but I think the Owners will do everything they can to have a full season. If things go as scheduled the NFL may find themselves as the only sports being played for 2 months. The TV deals will be renegotiated beginning next year and they could see a massive increase in ratings if all other sports, including all NCAA games are canceled. I don’t know how they could play during a pandemic but I am certain that the league will ALWAYS put revenue before player safety. They always have and they always will.
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