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Things that I worry about.

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  • Things that I worry about.

    We're already down 3 players before camp even starts

    "Brandon Brooks is out for the season with a ruptured achilles tendon. Starting wide receiver Alshon Jeffery suffered a Lisfranc injury in mid-December and there’s no time table for his return. He seems likely to begin the season on PUP, thus requiring him to miss at least six games … if not more. Backup defensive end Daeshon Hall is coming off an ACL tear that’ll likely land him on PUP."

    Our great O line has taken big hits. We lost our All Pro right guard and replaced him with an aging ex star who constantly gets hurt, has never played the position and won't get away with false starts playing next to the center.

    WR is one big puzzle. They could be anywhere between great or another trainwreck. With Alshon hurt who plays opposite Jackson? Even if Reagor works out he's still just backing up Jackson.

    Linebacker is a mess, period.

    Taking a closer look at the club shows that even with what appeared to be a great offseason doesn't look as good.
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    Alshon is still hurt ? Damn. I had no idea.

    I seriously want the season cancelled at this point. It is going to be F'ed up no matter what the league does.


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      I am with Pliny. I think they should just postpone it to the spring at this point.
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        I've been saying that for a couple of months now to wait until January. What's the rush? They'll have or be very close to having a vaccine by then.
        "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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          It comes down to money ..... as usual! The NBA, NHL and MLB will all finish their seasons by Halloween meaning the NFL will have the sports spotlight all to themselves. This is enhanced by the likely postponement to spring or cancelation of NCAA sports. This will be an unprecedented time for the NFL to be the only active sport while the NBA and NHL have an “off-season” to allow players and teams to rest and retool before starting their 20-21 seasons.

          College football fans and sports enthusiasts who are not NFL fans are likely to flock to their TVs for the chance to continue to watch live sporting events which will drive up ratings and help the league earn higher payments in the next bidding war for networks to broadcast the games. The MNF contract expires next year and the CBS, FOX & streaming deals end in 2022.
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