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Week 6 Eagles vs Saints Game Thread

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  • That last drive was painful to watch. Dink and dunk down the field and the unbelievably stupid 12 man penalty negating a big stop topped off by the kneel downs. Way too passive all day on the defensive side of the ball except for a few spurts in the middle of the game.

    On another note, can Dick"head" Stockton retire anytime soon? He routinely misses calls and spots and was a complete Saints homer today. Very unpleasant listening to him call this game.


    • Originally posted by Jukin
      Pliny please don't post PhilaPhans stuff here. If anyone wants to read it they can go over there and see it. We don't want anymore PhilaPhans posts here. Thanks.
      No problem Jukin. Didn't mean to offend.


      • Originally posted by Eaglebreath
        It's all on the defense. I've said it before, but Sean Payton pretty much owns JJ.
        Pretty much sums up my feelings as well!

        The defense sucked donkey balls,, Michael Lewis couldn't cover my granny on a 2 move pass play, and 12 men on the field ????? are you fucking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Rarely do I ever say that one play makes or breaks a game--------------- but the 12 men on the filed is the one that did!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • No problem Pliny. If we're going to restrict access to our board I think it's only fair that we don't use this board to attack people who have no way to respond here.
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          • I am sick of Philadelphia sports. I need to find a new hobby. I think I will start playing darts.