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    That was really bad early and then we got the momentum and the fumble and that covered over a lot of the early game mistakes. But then...well we all know what happened. Here is my good and bad.

    1. Carson Wentz ain't the guy. He is good and at times very good. He is a plus athlete along the lines of say Kirk Cousin and Aaron Rodgers when he gets out of the pocket. But he is NOT an accurate QB and in today's game you have to be accurate because you are throwing the ball to players in positions where they can immediately run. Think about the top QBs in the game right now. Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes and at times Roth and Ryan. Those guys are highly accurate throwers. Wentz and a host of other QBs in this league are not always accurate. Carson's issues yesterday were not decisions in my opinion. It was accuracy. He sees the field just fine. The pick in the end zone was not a bad decision. JJAW was open. That throw needed to be higher and slightly out in front of JJAW. The reason the CB could make what was an outstanding play was the ball placement by Carson wasn't great. Several other throws I'd mention... the dump of to Miles Sanders, the screen to DJax, the go route in the third quarter I believe, the throw to Goedert that was slightly high. Carson is NOT accurate enough to be elite. That can't be fixed. Can we win the Super Bowl with a QB like Carson... yes. But we aren't going to win a Super Bowl BECAUSE of Carson.

    2. The lack of athleticism on the defensive front is very troubling and has been for several years. Graham is a warrior but he is not a guy that is going to run down an average QB athletically when he is trying to get to the edge. Barnett might be able to but he crashes the run constantly and gets booted on over and over. Maybe Josh Sweat is a good enough athlete... who knows. We know Vinny Curry isn't. Did you guys notice how much Casey Toohill played. That was either him being able to recognize boot action and maintain his leverage on the edge... which he did most of the time. Or, they think he is a good enough athlete athletically to chase down the edge.

    3. The DTs played like crap. Or maybe they just got beat by a better OL. Hassan Ridgeway kept getting washed down the LOS and the backers were not there. On the big run in the fourth quarter Ridgeway got washed and/or guessed a gap. It might have been a run slant but he got his ass whipped. Fletcher played OK. Malik Jackson hardly made a play. Hargrave did nothing but truthfully he might still be hurt.

    4. Everybody piled on Nathan Gerry for giving up the touchdown to Tyler Higbee but do you know how hard that play is to cover. And do you know how much time it takes for the QB to get to that play. Higbee lined up to the right and ran across the entire middle of the field and right past Gerry. Most LBs are going to let him release that way because the play was going the other way. And Gerry was right behind him. Goff made a GREAT throw but he also had no traffic around him because he rolled and there was nobody there. I mean nobody. That goes back to our DEs. I am not as concerned about out back 7 really. Our front got their ass kicked and just might not be what we thought they were. Especially at DE.

    5. The OL played fine I thought. JP played well. All these announcers blow Aaron Donald constantly but he did very little. Maybe we schemed it right but he was a non factor. The one good thing I am seeing so far this year is Herbig, Driscoll and even Pryor seem like they are NFL players.

    6. Miles Sanders and Boston Scott are very good complements. That was a helluva running attack Too bad we once again got away from it.

    7. Jalen Reagor is going to be good guys. Is he going to be great.... I don't know. He is at least Brandon Cooks though and that is a nice ceiling. JJAW should be cut when Alshon comes back. That is the most disappointing pick this team has made in the past 5 years when you consider what was on the board at the time. And that includes last years pick of Jalen Hurts.

    8. At this point, I'd say this team will be very lucky to go .500 and is likely headed for 6-10 or worse. That's OK. We need to get the salary cap fixed, cut some of this fat, and get some high draft picks. Zach Ertz and Jason Peters are playing their last seasons here and potentially Jason Kelce. That's OK by me actually. Herbig looks like he could slide into the center spot. The kid can play.

    9. I'd actually be OK now with Carson getting dinged and Jalen Hurts getting in the game. I'm not ready to give up on Carson yet but kid needs a wakeup call.

    10. I know everybody is all over the coaching staff and rightly so but at the end of the day Jim Schwartz is NOT the DE failing to recognize the bootleg time after time. They are coached to see that and not crash the run. Doug Pederson is NOT the guy making inaccurate throws. That's Carson. Doug called a great game in the late first and second quarters and then after the end zone INT the air just went right back out of this team.

    Guys... we are NOT good enough. We might be the worst team in the NFC East and we are certainly the oldest.
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    I put a lot on our LBs and really the entire back 7 outside of Slay.

    speed is nice, but some size and instincts are even better. Riley and Gerry continue to bite and find themselves out of position. As do any Corner Or safety not named Slay

    we are a very small non instinctive back 7. Losing Jenkins really equalled losing a lot

    Gerry and Riley are sub 225 lbs. Maddox 5’9 184. NRC is 5’8 180. Mills and McLeod sub 195 lbs.

    Face it. If that back 7 was any other team we’d be ripping them and attacking them everywhere.

    We should have prioritized LB and Safety. Now we don’t have a ton of options.

    I’m done watching Mills suck. Replace him with Wallace.

    losing to the Rams is no shame. It’s a bad matchup for this D. Letting a piss poor Skins team do it to us is just bad.

    hate to admit it. I give us 50% shot against the Bungals.


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      I actually am expecting them to get beat by the Bengals all the way this weekend and the shit storm to reach its maximum. Burrow is going to get right on somebody and the Bengals have a pretty good defensive front. I am expecting a low scoring slug fest and the Birds lose like 17-13.
      You know Darren if you'd have told me 10 years ago that someday I was going to solve the world's energy problems I'd have said your crazy.... now lets drop this big ball of oil out the window.


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        I don't think they are as bad as they have played so far. I attribute the loss to Washington, mostly due to our OL having guys playing their first game (with no preseason). And, I expect the D to pick it up a notch soon.

        Do I think they will rebound into a playoff team ? Doubtful. But, I still think 7-9 or 8-8 is likely. Dallas will win the East going away this year. That also sucks.


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          This year is strange. I have tried to watch college and pro games and I am just not into it. Of course, when they play like this, it is easy to just give up.


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            Damn boys the fires are out west not in the east. That team has looked like s*** two weeks in a row but it is two weeks. I am going to give it time. Dallas pulled one out of their ass yesterday or they would also be sitting at 0-2.
            Wentz made cake out of s*** the last five or six games last year after looking like hell a number of times. I don't see why that can't happen again. He has the talent; it is the mindset I worry about. I've yet to get on the JJAW bandwagon (he may be a worse pick that Watkins of S. Jones) so sitting him and seeing what DJax, Reagor, Ward, and Hightower can give us is my preference. Sanders and Scott will be okay. The OL will get better with games under their belt although they will never be stout this year. It will be patchwork. Need to address that next year.
            As for the D.... I am real disappointed with the DL. Not sure what to do there other than try whatever scheme work they can do to help them because they just aren't getting pressure. The LBs were my #1 concern going into the season until the OL injuries but LB is back to my #1 concern. They just don't have talent. I didn't like losing Jenkins (esp because I care about football and not what comes out of his mouth) and I think they are feeling the loss. The back seven can be okay although never will they be great with that cast of characters.
            If the media and fans don't drive these guys into sulking they will win some games. But you are correct in that they need some talent infusion and a few coaches that can kick their ass. Maybe Larry Bowa is available for a pep talk
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              We had a chance in that game and wentZ threw it away with the INT to jjaw. And the rams are much better than cinci. So we should win that game which means we’ll lose.


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                Originally posted by sfphillyfan View Post
                We had a chance in that game and wentZ threw it away with the INT to jjaw. And the rams are much better than cinci. So we should win that game which means we’ll lose.
                Just don't let Joe Burrow talk to Fitzmagic.


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                  They run the most simple offense in the league. They never run a bootleg or rollout. I think they ran only one of both yesterday. WTF Doug? The whole league is running them but you. The Rams ran a shitload against you. You have A QB that passes better out of the pocket than in it and you never use it? The RPOs have disappeared, probably since Wentz doesn't run them nearly as well as Nick could. This is just off the top of my head because I couldn't stomach going through them again, especially breaking down each play like I usually do.

                  My favorite part of the game was even though there were only cardboard people in the stands they still managed to get bood LOL!
                  "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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                    Las Vegas can’t afford to pipe in crowd noise?


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                      God I miss Frank Reich