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    Thanks Vin for getting my password issues straightened out. I am back did you all miss me . Now I must admit I have not watched much of the first two games. I was laid off back in June due to the Virus and decided to start my own business. That is taking a good amount of time its very hard and rewarding. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks .

    I have seen the some of the replays of some of the games and something is definitely wrong with Wentz and its not physical. Maybe the consistent changing of the offensive staff since the Super Bowl is wearing on him, confusing him. Honestly I don't have an answer for it. He is too good to be playing this bad.

    I will also say this, as long as Schwartz is here this team won't win anything. His scheme simply doesn't work. We won the Super Bowl because of the offense. His players made exactly one play the entire game. It was huge but lets not forget his defense gave up over 500 yards in that game. We can blast the players all we want, the LB suck etc etc etc.Some of this is true However its amazing when some of these guys who we said sucked go to other teams and how well they are playing. That is scheme all day long.
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    Welcome back taz.

    maybe the knee injury took more out of him than we thought.


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      Originally posted by sfphillyfan View Post
      Welcome back taz.

      maybe the knee injury took more out of him than we thought.
      I think he is just spooked right now. Until the late first half interception against Washington, he looked confident and was accurate. The last 6 quarters has been a different story. I think the turnovers have him unsure of himself.

      Also, he may not feel comfortable and trusting with our OL right now after that first game.

      Once Carson has a complete game with accuracy, I think the old Wentz will return.


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        Welcome back Taz. Your game reviews are definitely a good foundation for discussion, and have been missed. By me anyways.

        That said, I thought the O-line played a pretty decent game, and Doug didn't do a bad job in calling the plays. Wentz has been a little bit off since training camp. I don't know what to think. Last season, I clearly remember questioning his play, and saying he wasn't playing like a franchise QB. That was about midway through the season. He straightened things out and went on a tear, but again, this year, he's not playing very well, and making killing mistakes.

        That's bad enough, but it's the defense that is shitting the bed. I saw a stat that the Eagles defense has given up 64 points in the last 6 quarters. They can't stop anyone. I think there's scheme issues, but I also think that Nate Gerry might be a problem. I'd have to look at the film, but if I remember correctly he blew two assignments yesterday, and it cost them 2 TDs. They had no answer for the TE Higby. Dude scored 3 TDs. At least 2 of them were on Gerry. But, I can't put it all on him. McVay dressed Schwartz down, big time. There were guys running open everywhere, and he had the right play call on again and again.

        Overall, I keep saying the team is in trouble. Wentz is not playing well. And the defense is not playing well. If that keeps up, they are going to struggle to get a handful of wins against a really tough schedule.


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          Welcome back Taz!!!
          You know Darren if you'd have told me 10 years ago that someday I was going to solve the world's energy problems I'd have said your crazy.... now lets drop this big ball of oil out the window.


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            Welcome back Taz. It’s refreshing to read your take on the Eagles problems but I must correct you on Schwartz! His D gave up over 600 yards in the Super Bowl.
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              Glad to see you back Taz!