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What is you confidence level in Wentz?

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    Originally posted by dawkins20 View Post
    I have loved the guy since we drafted him. backed him no matter what. The team has been a bit of a shell since Reich left. They've done a poor job of improving what is around him

    with all that said though, he has been putridly bad so far. Hard to figure out why? Did bulking up hurt him? Did he get full of himself from the end of last year? Did the contract, marriage, and baby make him focus on more important things. How much to blame is the coaching? Playcalling has been bad as well.

    whatever it is, it needs to get fixed or he could really see his end of days here within the next couple of years. Unless Jeff is more critical of Howie and Doug. Both have been just as bad
    I think that he has to work on his leg strength Dawk because running was a big part of his game and you can see that he is a lot slower now after the injuries. Of course the injuries and Doug's vanilla offense have hurt the offense too. What happened to the run pass option play anyway?
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      Watching the first 7 minutes of the SF game I was thinking he is trying to hard and the line of incredibly weak, letting everyone and anyone through. Lane Johnson was lost after just one series making yet another weak link in a thread bare chain.... and then Carson held the ball too long again and immediately tried to force a throw that ws promptly picked off. He already has as many interceptions in 13 quarters this season as he had all last year! He is averaging one pick per half played! Damn I just don’t know what to think of this guy....
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