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  • Jaylen Hurts-WOW!
    "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"

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    I am starting to reconsider my disgust with drafting Hurts in the 2nd round. It's not that I want him to start over Carson now. But, putting him in the game does change the defense, even if he is a decoy.


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      when you lack playmakers, it's what you do


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        Nevermind that Carson played an excellent game, Hurts was the key to getting us back in it. That 20 yard run when we were backed up on the goal line got us out of trouble. The fact is that we need him to win because he is a real playmaker.

        Tim McManus

        Oct 18
        Carson Wentz was under duress on 47% of his dropbacks on Sunday, his 3rd straight game where he was under pressure on at least 40% of his dropbacks. He's the first Eagles QB to be under that much pressure in 3 straight games since ESPN began tracking duress in 09.
        "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"


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          I didn't see him as a good pick because of the team needs. However they did make a pick with talent rather than taking a flyer on an injured guy who had potential. I'd still rather have a second round pick who plays full time not part time gadget. Anyway, I hope they figure out how to get him in on more plays because he does have talent. Greg Ward was a pretty fair college QB. Be great to see them work him in with Wentz and/or Hurts somehow.
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            Jalen Hurts is 22 years old guys. Carson Wentz is 27 and he is an OLD 27. Jalen Hurts is under contract for 4 years at a salary that isn't hard to swallow for a backup QB. Wentz is under contract at a price in line with an elite QB for the next 4 years. If in 4 years you have seen enough from Jalen Hurts to name him your starter and Carson wants to retire because he is shot... which is possible... the Eagles drafting hurts in the second round starts to make a lot of sense to me.
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              There is not such thing as an old 27. Now you can say he is a oft injured 27. Wentz could very well play another 10 years or he could be out of the league by 2022 (when all the guarantees are out of his contract). There is no way to predict.
              We have a very long way to go to see if Hurts can be the heir apparent. Lets face it with no preseason the guy just hasn't had enough game time. I just think it was a bad pick (not the player the positional pick) no matter how you look at it, especially for a team that wanted to contend this year. Right now I would say Van Jefferson or Kristin Fulton (once he is back from the Covid List), Jeremy Chinn or even Willie Gay would have been much better picks, picks that would have played right away. You will never get back the two to three years that Hurts sits behind Wentz. Its was just a bad use of resource.

              Just look at what we have got out of the last two years 1st and 2nd round picks. Now look at the rest of the league. I mean we have Sanders and that is it and he is hurt now. We can't keep whiffing on high picks. 1 out of 5 picks just doesn't cut it. Now Reagor could come back and be a good 2nd receiver, Dillard could come back and be a good left tackle. JJAW will never be and Hurts is a gimmick player. In fact I will say this, if Wentz gets hurt, Hurts will finish out that game but Nate would start the following week.
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