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    Just throwing this out there. I’m not convinced of any of this, but, I think I think. I was playing with Over The Cap. With Carson gone and Jackson gone, we are still sitting at $248M on a cap of no more than $185M. This leaves us 63million over. There are folks out there much more knowledgeable than me, but I think…

    I would avoid an extensions and simply look to restructure as much as possible. I do not want to prolong the pain or kick the can. If I am tracking, the restructured players cannot be cut or traded without creating more cap liability.

    I think I would extend Cox, Graham Lane, Slay, Hargrave and Brooks.

    I would trade or cut. Ertz, Barnett, Jeffery, Goodwin, and Malik Jackson.

    This gets the team to $176M allows for signing of draft picks and does nothing for FA. This also provides $71 in projected space next year.

    I think this year is going to be pretty bad, but next year could be worse, as we have a roster than will age and cannot replace the age fast enough. The last few draft failures are going to bite us.

    I think I think that, regardless of how Hurts plays, we are not going to be a good football team next year. This will be a year to set the payroll straight and build for future years.

    I think I prefer to not draft a WR or QB at 6. I would prefer to trade back, get the extra draft capital and grab Barmore, Parsons, Paye and then add a 2 or 3. I just don’t think a stud WR is going to make that big a difference and building form the inside out is going to make this team better long term.

    I think I think we need a second strong RB to pair with Sanders. If we are going to develop Hurts, a good running game and strong line will only help.

    I think I think Hurts has proven doubters wrong every step of the way. He handled himself as a true professional at Alabama, worked on his game and then proved he could throw at Oklahoma. I hope he continues to prove his doubters wrong. He seems like a great kid and strong locker room influence.

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    I read 43 million over the cap and remember we still need money to sign draft picks and operate into next year. So we need to go get some money for sure.
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      Its 43 million over the cap if the cap remains at $204,000,000. I believe they have already announced it will be between $180-1850M


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        I think the floor is 180 which, I think, means all teams have to spend at least that much. I didn't think they announced the cap yet. But I agree they have work to do.
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