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Is Mailatta the weak link? Shocking stat

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    The read option has to slow down those end rushers that like to get a jump. There were a couple videos of us leaving Bosa unblocked and Hurts reading him. The underrated part of Hurts game is his split second decision making. First play, he kept it and ran for 9 yards. Second play, Bosa hesitates and ball goes to Sanders for 8 yards.
    I’m sure the 49ers will have the same game plan as the Bears and Tampa last year which is have the end crash hard on the RB and then a LB fill hard to hit Hurts if he keeps. The Eagles will be ready for it and I expect some RPOs and passes to Brown or Goedert to take advantage of the LBs stepping up.
    Hurts ability to read gives the Eagles answers to almost anything the D can throw at him. Then if makes a bad read, he just slides or throws it away to live and fight another down.

    As long as we aren’t in 3rd and long a bunch, I like our chances with Bosa.
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