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Giants Win or Cowboys win?

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    Oh. Please add Carolina to my list of most hated teams. That's 5.


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      I hated the Cowboys the most when I lived in Philly.
      I hated the Cowboys the most when I lived in Fremont (near SF)
      I hated the Cowboys the most now that I live outside Dallas.

      Things will never change for me. BTW, wife is from Oklahoma and family is in Dallas. So, life takes priority over football in this case.


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        It is good-'ol-fashioned dislike for the Giants. Alot of it has to do with the self-aggrandizing, geocentric NYers.


        ...with the Cowboys, it is complete and utter disdain, contempt and scorn. I hate the Cowboys...


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          Turds, definitely. MD summed it up quite well.


          In that order


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            A win over Dallas trumps every other win. Always has, always will. I hate the Gnats and Foreskins too but not nearly with the same vigor I have towards Dallas. A big part is due to the fans as Vin stated and in those terms Dallas looms larger than both NY and Washington. Because of our proximity to both of those towns we have a good number of transplants here. I can't hate a guy from NY who cheers for his team through good times and bad. It's no different than us cheering for the Eagles even if we move away from Philly. It's just what you do! So when I meet a New Yorker living here who loves the Giants I dislike them because they're Giants fans but I respect them as well. Dallas fans on the other hand are here in abundance and the vast majority of them are from here. Hell many have never even BEEN to Dallas but they run their mouths about "their" team and how great "they" are. Those are the fans I really hate! Those are the people I love to see cry after days like Sunday. Oh sure watching guys like Jerry Jones,Tony Romo, Wade Phillips and of course TO try to hold back tears is always fun, but seeing those front running pussies cry and stomp their feet - well that's really special!!

            And one last thing. EB thank you for using the phrase "for all intents and purposes" correctly. I don't know how many times I've seen it written as "intensive purposes" which besides making absolutely no sense at all also irritates me! I'm glad someone is thinking about what they're writing - I might just try that at some point myself!!
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              I think it comes down to the times. Over the past 10 years the Cowboys have been pretty putrid overall. The Giants over that time have been the Eagles primary competition for the NFC East crown and the teams have had many close, hard-fought games over that span.
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