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Can Australia do it for the 10th time?

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  • Can Australia do it for the 10th time?

    Hi friends, I am a cricket maniac and I am really excited about the forthcoming Test series between the host England and the visitors Australia. They will be seen in action in later half of July for the most prestigious The Ashes Trophy, 2005. England will be playing for glory and Australia will be playing to defend the trophy as they are doing it for the last 9 years. This time English players like Kevin Peterson, Harmison & Andrew Flintoff will be heavy for Australia. Last night I came across a very good site named from where I got the latest informations about The Ashes Series 2005.Looking towards the past, bowling department of the teams will be the playing factor. Now let’s see which side makes the race.

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    WTF!!!!!!! Cricket!!!!!!!!
    I'm going back to Houston... to do the hotdog dance. I'm going back to Houston.... gonna get some pants.



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      uuuuuuuuuuuuuh...our bats are round up in here
      I have never done steroids. Period. Well, not today, anyway.


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        I would be willing to watch cricket if only so I could understand the cricket jokes in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I don't think its even televised here. I think this is spam though.


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          I hate SPAMMERS.

          uhhh... i got all my information about a sport no one gives a fuck about here...

          blow me
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