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NoDakIggle 07-07-2018 10:31 PM

Oh No....
First Place!

MDFAN 07-08-2018 10:19 AM

I know right--- and I can't even name more than 10 guys on the whole team.

NoDakIggle 07-08-2018 03:12 PM

Yea kind of like the Sixers to me. They have talent. Probably not ready for the World Series but good pitching and timely hitting and a little positive attitude might make good things happen. Still not sure about managing but you can't argue with results--even if decisions seem haphazard.

Eagle60 07-08-2018 09:38 PM

Phillies are #13 in pitching and #18 in hitting. So much for stats lol.

stevemc 08-01-2018 07:53 AM

Pickups of Cabrera and Ramos over this past week are some really good finds. Two guys with OPS over .800 is crucial for this team. They struggled in Cincy but splitting in Boston (and really could've won both) is encouraging. Nola and Arrieta pitched like aces. That was a playoff atmosphere and both pitchers stepped up big time. Now they need to roll teams like the Marlins coming up. It's great to see the team emerging well before we thought.

MDFAN 08-01-2018 05:45 PM

Been away, still am, did Machado or Harper go anywhere?

NoDakIggle 08-01-2018 08:21 PM

Machado did to LA;
Harper didn't

MDFAN 08-01-2018 11:22 PM

Crap, I thought we had a shot at Manny.

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