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And this thread has now turned in nothing more than rampant speculation based on Headlines from a corrupt media. Throwing shit against a wall to see what can stick has now become a national pastime it seems.

Headline--- "Comey asked for more resources" --- couple of days later , under oath the acting Director sez he knows nothing about it and that they have ALL the resources they need.

Headline--- "Rod Rosenstein is going to quit"(because of Comey note) ---- 2 days later per Rod Rosenstein himself--- "This is just not true and never was"

Headline--- "Trump gave away highly classified documents to Russia, and now people will die and the world will end soon, must be impeached" --- Now 1. "EVEN IF he did --- as the commander and chief he can, without question" Now 2--- "Israel has no problem with this sharing as they also share terrorist info with both Russia and the USA and they all share in hopes of combatting world wide terrorism" Now 3-- "actual people IN the ROOM say that this that he gave them nothing more than he was supposed to, nothing to see here" -- Now 4 --- Russia is even willing to give the world the "records of the WH meeting"

Headline-- 274,797 times--- "Trump colludes/is in pocket off/is being blackmailed by/ Puten and ot Russia " --- all people with actual knowledge-----
"Hmm, no there are no facts that support this claim".

Headlines-- "We only report the news" -- last 20 years --- "this is total bullshit, When organizations present 98% negative stories about Trump, that isn't news it's muckraking for political purposes." -- MDFAN.

Look I was never a big Trump fan as a person, he is an egomaniac, loud mouthed, bully, and treats the truth (like most if not all politicians do) as a suggestion. short tempered man.

BUT I was and am in favor of many (not all) of the directions he expressed as the direction he wanted for the country. And the he was smart enough to beat 17 Repubs and the almighty Democractic machine-- to use the rules to win this election. And the mania that has come on since is frankly --- un-American in my view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of trying to find ways to improve the US, the media is making this personal and not even pretending to have the countries best interests at heart. All they care about right now is "how can we make Trump look bad" -- if that means half truths, flat making stuff up, or flat out lying by omission.

Where is the media trying to quell this spate of violence, the mocking of the right to free speech on college campuses, the upholding of the right to hear both sides?????? Nowhere that where.

They ought to be fact checking, they need to stop relying on "unnamed sources" (we all know what that is like in sports), they need to separate real news and stop this personalized agenda. Worry about government leaks, and stop worrying about petty junk, that in the big picture isn't what Americans care about! Jobs! Health Care! Taxes! Immigration! These are what people care about, not misleading false narratives about junk!
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