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Originally Posted by tinopuno View Post

It could be argued that no country has as a longer and more violent history of terrorism than Russia. In terms of people killed, the lions share of that terrorism has been perpetrated by Russian political figures against the Russian people in an effort to gain or hold political power. (See Tsarist russia; Stalin's purges; the Red Terror; etc)

Islamist generated terrorism has become an issue, especially in Chechnya and Dagestan. The lingering Chechen independence movement has been a major contributor to acts of Islamist 'related' terrorism. Perhaps the most widely known of these terror related acts...a Russian passenger jet flying from Egypt to St Petersburg was brought down in 2015 killing 217 passengers and crew with a branch of ISIL(ISIS) claiming responsibility. I think you've referenced this act as a possible motive for Russia cooperating with us in fighting ISIS.

It's worth noting, in the context of trusting Putin's strong desire to protect the Russian people, that over 300 Russian civilians were killed in a 10 day period in Sept., 1999 in what are referred to as the Russian Apartment Bombings. The bombings, that involved 7 distinct apartment buildings in and around Moscow, were quickly blamed by the Russian government on Chechen rebels and were instrumental in both justifying the Second Chechen War and in solidifying Vladimir Putin's power and popularity, which had been weak and in decline prior to his brutal reprisals against Chechnya...the identified perpetrators of the bombings.

I mention the apartment bombings because it's now widely recognized that Putin himself orchestrated the apartment bombings in a reprehensible (and successful) attempt to invent a villainous scapegoat that he could then "heroically" punish and win back the Russian people's support. I think it's a mistake to trust this soulless thug, who would callously slaughter his own people for political gain, with ANY sensitive intelligence.
Was it a mistake to trust Stalin in WWII? The bastard would kill anybody in a Russian village that could read because he wanted his people uneducated and ignorant as to what the world was about and tax their belongings to keep the rich happy and him in power. He even made a deal with Hitler to leave him alone and Hitler could have all of Europe. Despite the butcher that he was we aligned with him in WWII because we had a common goal.

There are countless examples of this throughout history and will continue long after we're gone I'm afraid. Islamic terrorists have hit Russia a few times. Maybe we have to align ourselves with them for a common cause here. Then afterwards we might listen to generals like Patton and declare war on them.
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