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Originally Posted by sfphillyfan View Post
ugh. I just got home and checked on it and the sixers again get fucked. IN a two horse race, they get the 3rd horse. Reminds me of the John Wall / Evan Turner draft, although John Wall isn't anything to write home about.

I did like Wiggins a lot. How many college players can we get that can't play due to injury? Will we trade Noel?

I don't see sixers season tickets selling because of Embiid.
This reminds me more of the JVR draft for the Flyers.

I'm really trying to have a problem with this and I just don't. Is Embiid going to be Bynum or Greg Oden or will he be Hakeem Olajuwon. Who the hell knows, but you know what, I wouldn't trust my life on any of these kids in the top 5 becoming stars.

Hinkie collects assets and athleticism. I have no problem swinging for the fences on guys potential and try to build a team of match up problems.

And he also comes from the Rockets where you trade assets for James Harden and have the cap space for Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony

The problem with the perceive tanking is that this is a team of 18 year olds playing nightly against 30 year olds. I'm pretty sure they are going to lose. I don't care if they are in the lottery next year, you try to build a nucleus and hopefully you get three out of how many picks to be successful and pay them - there's your big 3 - its the exact same thing the Seattle Thunder did - except they literally hit the lottery with Durant
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