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Originally Posted by maximus
You prefer 2k5 to Madden? How is that even possible?
I know everyone has loyalties to Madden but 2k5 is actually a better game. Not just in my opinion but according to the top gaming sites and magazines.

here's one example:

The reasons for this are plentiful. Aside from our contention that there has never been a better-looking football game than this one, ESPN NFL 2K5 also has more than enough depth in both gameplay and features to make it a stellar package. The new ESPN presentational components, the few gameplay additions to the running game and defense, and the übercool online league system simply make ESPN impossible to pass up. This answer doesn't even take into account the fact that this outstanding package can be purchased for the kind of money you'd typically spend on a crappy budget game. How can you go wrong with a deal like this?
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