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You can not believe anything--- I have been shouting this for years now hoping that others would listen and get the facts themselves. Been saying it about sports as well as all news. The media can not be trusted, politicians can not be trusted.............they all have agendas, other than getting you the truth.

Wanna know about the Health care bill? Couple of things....

1. It isn't anything but a bill at this point--- it will be refined, taken apart and put back together again --- before it is ready to be a law. So don't worry about it just yet, it is not worth losing any sleep over this version,,, it is step one.

2. Of course the main stream media and the Democrats will lie and lie by omission--- because it is related to Trump and Republicans. So they lie, so don't believe what they sling.

3. Of course the Repubs and conservative media will praise it --- it's theirs!

4. If you really need to know what that bill really sez, even though it will be changed, the only way to know is to read it. And I guarantee you almost nobody has..... including the media or the the majority of the Dems and liberals.
They wouldn't cause they don't care --- it just has to be bad.
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