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Originally Posted by NoDakIggle View Post
60-- not saying an independent party necessarily but if there were two more independent senators the repubs and the dems would have to court them to get their vote. Neither of the parties would have a majority. I will readily admit however that you have to have people of strong conviction because you will have no real friends and everyone would want to tell you they are your friend in order to get your vote. It may in actuality be pie in the sky thinking.
I also agree it has gotten MUCH worse in our lifetime. I attribute a great deal of that to the party hierarchy, the desire for power, and the desire for money.
Like a lot of things ND people just want change because the two parties are getting ridiculous. The problem is that nobody really has an answer although yours is one of the best ones I've heard. They would actually have more power than anybody if they got in. I think that Sanders is the only Independent but he's even more left than the Democrats are so I don't think that he counts. A nonpartisan person can't make enough money to run unless you are a billionaire like Trump. I think that he's Independent but realized that he had to join a party to get elected. You have to have cooperation from one party to get anything actually through congress or the senate. I think both parties want him out to tell you the truth. Giving the rich a tax cut wasn't part of his plan but he had to go along with it (I think anyway but I could be wrong there). Thank goodness over half of the people aren't members of any party and are Independent although most are aligned with one party but don't register or really just don't admit it. It's amazing to me that people follow the party line and can't think for themselves on issues.
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