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Originally Posted by taz View Post
No love for Mack Wilson? I think the kid is a stud but after that you are right nothing there.

At this point unless Sanders is there in round 2 I would rather go with what we have. Honestly, Singletary is no better than Clement, Littlewood or Adams.
Lets see how things work out with Howard who is only 24 if he plays well just resign him, RB position solved.

Interesting you mention Winovich as he reminds me of Chris Long. There are some really good Defensive ends still on the board.
Yeah, I was exaggerating a bit with the statement of not taking a LB before the 7th. But, I would not take one of the remaining LB's earlier than 4th. Of the remaining LB's, I agree on Wilson. Someone will grab him earlier out of need.

I also agree about giving Howard a chance, which is why I really don't want to see a RB picked with the 2nd (don't really like PSU's Sanders). But, I am a Singletary fan and just think the kid has something special when it comes to sniffing out the end zone and first downs.
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