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Originally Posted by MDFAN View Post
again they worry about ALL the wrong things!

Think about it-- is it really news that Trump may have wanted to fire Mulhler? Any sitting President would have thought about it, but he didn't do it --- and bear in mind this is about 9 months ago--- because he had a thought to do it ---it's news now and it's another "black mark"????

2 days in the news cycle for a presidents thought 9 mos ago!!! Yes that is TDS!!!! That is fake news, that is a nothing burger as all the cliches are today!

We are getting closer to the truth--- but it ain't the truth the Left was lookin for.

Hell they equate him with Stalin and Hitler--- yeah that is TDS.

Yeah he just added an additional million the path to citizenship all of whom are "non White" but his plan is racist and he is a white supremacist? -- yup that is TDS.

I could go on , I gotta a million of them.

Does that mean you have WSC?
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