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Well the high hopes at the beginning of the season went to hell that is for sure. Just don't know what to think about the Flyers. They have had good young talent that just doesn't seem to jump to the next step. When that is an issue I have to look at coaching and environment but they unloaded Hex and Haks without much improvement.
Going to be a tough off season IMO. Gotta make the coaching decision and it needs to be decisive in my mind. I guess I am okay staying put but whoever comes in needs to tell the team that they have let down the fan base, they are better than they have played and motivate the team to play better. Then find out why the young guys aren't improving. Hopefully, if they haven't solved their goal tending problems they have improved it. Hart certainly looks like he can carry the load. Do you move on from Giroux as the team leader? That is a tough call and I am not close enough to know but he has to do better as a team leader in my mind. Anyway...… as far as I am concerned they can canx the playoffs and move on to next year
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