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Originally Posted by FRESH View Post
I was getting close to dumping HBO. But when I started to hear rumblings about GOT being made.....I decided that HBO would stay in my TV lineup.

Vin, how well are you following without the benefit of having read the books? Hard for me to really imagine, as I know these charachters to well, and I know what is going to happen to them. I am sure that not having that knowledge makes the experience very different. I will tell you that the following characters are perfectly cast and fit how they are presented in the books to a "T".

Ned Stark
Tyrion (The Imp)
Jaime Lannister
Arya Stark
Jon Snow

Some characters are a bit of a disappontment, altho they are growing on me. The "Hound" for one, is not nearly as frightening / intimidating a character as he should be. And Cersei Lannister isn't nearly as hot as I would have imagined.....but she is certainly enough of a bitch.

Sorry, I'm such a friggin geek for this story.
pretty good cause I'm not retarded.

shows like these with a massive character list tend to get a little nuts at first but you settle down nicely. Rome was horrendous for 4 episodes (all the senators looked alike!) but turned out to be one of my favorites series.

I'll watch anything on HBO. They have a great track record.

The first character I hated was Joffrey. You could tell right away that


that he was not Robert's son and I suspect he's actually the freak offspring of Jamie and Cersei. And I hate the look of him.

the only group that confuses me is the ones left defending winterfell. I guess mostly cause nothing really has happened yet.

Tyrion is one of my favorite characters. Peter Dinklage should win an emmy.
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