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I do remember that the first thing Luri did was to expand the scouting department when he bought the team and that was cool and a supposed sign that he was going to spend money on it. Then he/Banner became so cheap with the salary cap that was ridiculous. I remember that 3 days before the first game that he owned the team he cut 4 starters pay "just in case somebody got hurt". You can imagine how that went over in the locker room but a lot of teams didn't know how to manage the cap when it first came out. Mom had all the money and I think that he finally was able to convince her that the investment was going to pay off. and she opened the pursestrings. Anyway let's not revisit that time and just say that the Eagles always tried to stay ahead of the game scouting wise (probably used Dallas as a model) but he/Banner/Reid got into an awful spot to start off when they fired Tom Modrak IMO. Modrak put some great rosters together in Buffalo in the smallest market in the league.

All of this nonsense to show that the Eagles have always been interested in good scouting and were one of the first to use BLESTO to try to get ahead in the game. I remember that it was so bad that one of the posters on the old board actually called Mel Kiper to ask him what he thought (tell)of a local player and his wife said "wait a minute and I'll get him, he's out back mowing the lawn!.
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