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No, I was surprised Pete played as well last year and really didn't expect him back next year. What I would disagree with is that taking an OT was sure fire. I've said for awhile no one really has the insight into what they thought of V, M, P or moving LJ to LT. It is obvious they like to draft OL to keep dollar figures low but also to find the next great thing. But I certainly don't think it was sure fire and that if Dillard was gone they wouldn't have gone in a different direction.
Andy may have had some philosophy but he wasn't married to it by any means. Think Watkins, Carver, et al. He reached at times.
Not sure how you can know that they know that Long won't be back. At this point I expect he won't. But had the draft fallen differently I think it is quite possible he would be back. Hell I bet I couldn't find a soul to bet me 12 cents that Jernigan would've been signed this weekend. If they had planned DT early I am certain people would say they knew Jernigan was done.
I thought safety would be looked at and posted such earlier. In fact said I wasn't so much concerned about replacing Jenkins as I was McLeod, Sendejo, Graham. My original post wasn't so much about who they drafted but that I see more and more evidence of how they draft or build the team. Not going safety increases my thought that maybe they see the Jenkins/Dawk type guy who they can use in lots of roles but didn't see that guy here.
I don't know that RB was obviously going to be taken. Again I think they found Sanders available and went for him because he was BPA at the time or they know they have issues at RB that fans/media don't know. Signing Howard and having Clement further along in recovery could've allowed them to not draft RB. If, in fact, he is further along in recovery which fans nor the media know. Also we don't know Sproles' status although I have advocated moving on from him. Additionally they found Blount, Ajayi available on the market. So I don't know that RB had to be drafted.
Sorry for the long post but in closing I will say the draft shows me that they are ready to move on from some people and want points. There are high scoring games now and just off the top of my head I thought there were a couple of games lost last year because they didn't put points on the board.
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