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First, I don't exactly believe most of what the media posts. More than not though, there is a little fire where there is smoke.

I would not be surprised if there was at least a little truth to this.

I remember after last years Super Bowl, Carson took the trophy from Nick and said "Next year this is my turn". I thought that comment sounded a little off, considering Nick just won the team the Super Bowl and Carson was on the sideline. Carson should have been more humble and let Nick enjoy the spotlight.

I think Carson is a great guy and teammate overall. Almost all QB's have huge egos. The problem is that Carson will constantly be compared to St Nick both on and off the field by both fans and teammates. Nick has zero ego. He puts everyone else before him. That makes him special, especially for a QB.

On the field, it is pretty obvious that Carson does have his favorites. Nick spreads the ball around a lot more.
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