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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

On the field, it is pretty obvious that Carson does have his favorites. Nick spreads the ball around a lot more.
There is no factual proof of that. The biggest one we hear is Carson targets Ertz more, however, if you look at the true targets, Foles targeted Ertz more.

You all forget just how good Carson was in 2017. It's natural for a person to say Next Year he wants to earn it. The fact is he earned that trophy last year. Without Carson, they don't get home field advantage etc. last year.

Look aside from Montana and Young I don't ever remember a better QB tandem than we have right now. The article smells of a person who likes Foles better than Wentz and has an agenda about it. Too many players are coming out to back Carson for there to be any smoke on this one. I think its a non story.
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