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[QUOTE=MDFAN;307418]Not sure I agree that this is a very good way to assess a team. Look I could cherry pick comments from last year too, doesn't mean anything IMO. There are both positive and negative comments every year, so IMM this is just another column filler for this time of year.

Now my hopes are that this team is batter than last year... IMM it almost has to be based on the off season moves and some of the things that happened last year. But that said it really is just a hope cause I don't know how all these parts will fit together this year. Hell it changes week to week in the NFL. just look at the 1st three weeks last year and then the rest of the year.... who the hell knows!

The bottom line is that while I like to hear these good reports more than bad reports--- they don't mean squat![/QUOTE]

Ain't that the truth? Every year I would leave Bethlehem after Andy's "3 days of hell" camp swearing that we'd win the SB. The truth is that it's hard to tell how good you are scrimmaging yourself.
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