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Originally Posted by NoDakIggle View Post
Biggest problem in all officiating IMM is that they give the ref no room for discretion. Like someone once said he doesn't know the definition of porn but he knows it when he sees it. They don't allow the ref to make the distinction of falling onto a QB and driving him into the ground. They don't allow the ref to make a distinction when the defender is moving in a line but the receiver comes down differently or gets pushed off his line and the defender hits him around the head versus the guy who is a head hunter or targets a receiver.
I understand that ND but the referee who stands behind the QB has basically one responsibility and that is to watch the QB. That's the only place his eyes are focused on and he's not like other officials who have to keep up with wrs running deep patterns and judging calls while sprinting. If all of the guys are going to call it differently then it should go to NY in my opinion.
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