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Originally Posted by Fantasy Guru
I think leif's point is that if you are a diehard red sox fan, chances are you are from the boston area. And you would most likely be a patriots fan. And the Patsies have won 2 super bowls in the last 3 years. So be happy you have any championships to call your own.... whereas philly hasnt had anything since 1983.
If you read my previous posts in the board, it's obvious that I think of the Pats more as filler entertainment before the Red Sox season. Baseball is still the national game (unless you count participation numbers, then it would be soccer!).

Originally Posted by "Fantasy Guru":009b1
That's where the whiny part comes in. Sure the sox haven't won anything in a century.. but you got other shit to celebrate. We have what? Fucking Rocky III?
Actually there was nothing whiny about this topic at all. We were discussing possible trades when liefdawg barged in to complain about whiny fans. He then proceeded to whine about how many games the Phillies have lost. My point is that he is free to whine about the Phillies all he wants...on the Phillies board. He's also free to whine about Red Sox fans whining (after we actually do so) in his own topic. Nothing ruins a message board like some moron coming in with off topic crap just because he wants to start something.[/quote:009b1]

The comments about the whiny fans weren't necessarily directed at you but rather the media outpouring of support for the sox.

Oh and if you want to talk about filling up opponents stadiums why don't you check out last seasons' Eagles games; specifically those against Miami(20,000+ eagles fans in attendence) and against the Falcons. Also how many people get 25,000+ fans come out and watch them practice? Yes, we're talkin' bout practice.
Whatcha Gonna Do Brother, When the Eagles run wild on you?
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Leifdawg, regardless of who it's directed towards it was completely off-topic. This thread WAS about trades. I don't care about the Phillies and I care even less about the Eagles,which is why I don't read the Phillies or Eagles boards, much less post in them. If you want to complain about the media coverage of the Sox, I'm sure that would make a fine topic on it's own.
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I'm with you Buckminster. He needs to make his own topic. But on this topic I am finally happy with the trade. Nomar is doing much better where he is now, sadly, but Cabrera and Meinke..... are doing a great job in filling in those shoes. Not so much on offense, although Cabrera's having a seemingly good past few weeks, but they are terrific on defense. Meinke.... especially. (I can't spell his name). But I'm happy for Nomahhhh and I'm glad we are on a 4 game winning streak! GO Sox!
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