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Default Blowing a big hole in the baseless racism charge against Kelly.

Not surprisingly, many of the lazy, unprincipled sheep in the media...TV, radio and internet...have lept onto the red herring charge first leveled by whore SASmith and reinforced by self-serving, cheap-shot rationalizations from Thomas, McCoy and Boykin.

A number of black men who have been in a position to know Kelly have already dismissed the charge of his racism out of hand. They of course get much less public play then the 4 men (and whore Smith) who have had their feelings hurt by Kelly and retaliated with the kind of really vile charge that is easy to level and very difficult to defend. (The term 'men' is probably too charitable when it comes to Jackson and McCoy. Both are better described as not-very-smart adolescents.)

Now we hear from Harry Edwards, a well known professor, sociologist and black activist who has been associated with the 49ers for 30 years. He has also known and worked with Kelly for years and scoffs at the idea that their is even a hint of racism in Chip Kelly. Just the opposite.

His comments, and the anecdotal account re: LeGarrett Blount in the linked article in today's, are thoughtful and persuasive...and IMO important to read and digest. But, because they directly contradict the shit currently being thrown at Kelly, they will get little play with the swine in the media.


In my mind, this passage from Edwards goes a long way in explaining the comments of McCoy and Boykin.

'He (Edwards) chalked up the accusations from Thomas ("a hint of racism"), McCoy (Kelly got rid of "all the good black players"), and Boykin ("He is uncomfortable around grown men of our culture") to a convenient rationalization that he has found to be common in the NFL.
"Athletes are very capable of emulating each other in trying to wrap their minds around why things don't work out," he said. "So if somebody's traded, and somebody else who left said this, and somebody who left before that said the same thing, they're more likely to say, 'Hey, guess what? I'm another casualty of that' when, in point of fact, guys are let go, cut, traded for all kinds of reasons." '

BTW, for those who might question Edwards street cred, he is not some ivory tower Uncle Tom. He's a former Black Panther who was instrumental in persuading John Carlos and Tommie Smith to raise their black gloved fists in protest from the podium of the 1968 Summer Olympics.

In brief, Harry Edwards at 72 is a thoughtful and fair minded man but one who has never shied away from pointing out racism and inequity when he believed he saw it.
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