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Default 4th Host for the Podcast

Thought I'd throw out my unsolicited opinion about the search for a 4th host of the Poor Man's PTI.

First off, I gotta say that it is very solid already. Each of the three incumbents bring something substantial to the table, and the podcast just isn't the same when any one of them is missing (see Ryan being in and out for today's podcast, leading to it being somewhat subpar). However, if somebody is going to be added to the mix, such a finely balanced team can't be cocked up so this has to be approached very carefully. First off, I have to say that none of the three people that have been brought on so far have been particularily great in my opinion. The first guy, R.J. , barely said anything at all and definitely not much of any value. Plus he didn't have a personality like the original fellas. The second guy, Matt, said way too much. Plus, his voice was annoying as hell and while he might have added some sports knowledge, he didn't do anything for the entertainment value quotient. If you put a gun to my head and said I had to pick one, it would probably be this guy but his victory is pretty much like when some hapless Olympic biathathelete gets bumped from fourth to Gold because the three people who finished in front of her all had the same former East German trainer and all had mustaches like Jason Giambi. The third guy, Billy, was painfully nervous and sounded like he had nothing much to bring to the table. Maybe that gets corrected over time, but maybe he continues to sound a bit like the boom goes the dynamite guy (a bit harsh, but Billy was, if not in the ballpark, definitely in the parking lot of the ballpark tailgating). Plus he rivals Matt for having a voice that could make the podcast borderline unlistenable and is a f**king Yankees fan; that is just unjustifiable unless you born while your parents were at a game at Yankee Stadium.

There are lots of Poor Man's PTI devotees out there, so there has to be somebody who isn't as disappointing as the Boston Celtics dance team.[/code]
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sjg- thanks a lot for the feedback! I didn't realize that people liked PMPTI so much. Don't worry, we're not going to mess with the formula and get a 4th host. The 4th host tryout is for our Weekly NFL Picks show which starts up again in Week 1.

But in any case, thanks for the feedback.
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