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Old 08-07-2006, 01:14 AM   #1
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Default No Respect for Reggie?

You know what I didn't see this weekend? I didn't see any old Eagles (Seth, Andre Waters, Clyde, Eric Allen, Kieth Byars, Randall, Kieth Jackson...etc) ANY at Canton to honor Reggie. I didn't see Buddy Ryan (though understandble as his wife is rather ill) Maybe someone could have gone and interviewed Buddy...I didn't see any Mike Holmgren tribute. No ex-Packers.

I didn't see any threads on this board, or the other one talking about "Reggie Moments"

What's this all about? Is it not a travesty?

At least Jeffrey Lurie did what he thought right and brought his current leaders to say that the Eagles honor Reggie White, the Hall of Famer, for his accomplishments on the field and for the Reggie was.

(side note: did anyone else think it was odd that Reggie's son referred to Reggie as Reggie?....anyone else notice that that sentance sounded like Rickey Henderson talking about Rickey Henderson?)
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Old 08-07-2006, 01:52 AM   #2
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i found it annoying that all the reggie highlights were from his gb years ... even sacking an eagle qb. i guess he went in as a packer, but still ... to your broader point, completely agree.
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Old 08-07-2006, 02:30 AM   #3
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I must have missed the video they showed during Reggie's enshrinement, but during all the other moments, they showed a lot of Iggle videos. Especially of him sacking Aikman.

It is the weekend, so there is just not much forum talk. I hope it picks up this week. I watche just about the whole enshrinement yesterday and 2 hours of the pregame show today. I was choked up several times. I even lost it when his wife and som unveilled the bust. I though about how it must've felt to see his life size face. It was a good moment.

As far as Reggie's peers....Madden commented on how his players were there, but they didn't show any of them. I am wondering if there were players there, but since they didn't have VIP seats, they weren't spotted. I only think this after hearing Madden comment on his players being there.

I do wonder why any of those guys wouldn't want to be there. It is not like they didn't jump ship with Reggie when that cheap ass owner turned his back to them all.
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Old 08-07-2006, 08:07 AM   #4
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Pedro - Phil Sheridan wrote how none of the gang green was there. I think it is absolutely pathetic that nobody from that team was there to honor Reggie. There were current Eagles there, fans made the trek there from Philly but yet the Gang Green couldn't. I was ashamed of those guys on Saturday.
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:21 AM   #5
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Truly. It's just senseless that the Reggie's Eagle teammates weren't there. Did they have to be invited? Vai Sikahema doesn't count, he was a member of the press corps.

Heck, they could've shown up just like the fans did......just senseless. Don't get it.
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:27 AM   #6
Leonard Tose
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they did have a nice ceremony at the Linc last year to honor Reggie with his old teammates, but it would have been nice to see some of the old gang there over the weekend.
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:39 AM   #7
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Was Brett Favre there? He seemed to be close to Reggie during the GB years.
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Old 08-07-2006, 04:41 PM   #8
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Channel 10 had a nice tribute on at 7 Sat. and comcast had a half hr. show as well with some nice video. I thought channel 10 was better. If you didn't catch it , it's on "on Demand"for you comcast veiwers.
RIP Mike !!
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