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I think that Whowie and Sirianni might but heads about the roster

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  • I think that Whowie and Sirianni might but heads about the roster

    When new coaches come in they like to bring in their own guys. I don't know how much input he had going into the draft but he must have some influence going into it. Whether that's the case or not I'm sure that he's going to want the new picks and I think that there are going to be more rookies making the team this year. Then again I'm sure that's why Doug got fired so who knows?
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    My guess is Sirianni was consulted about the draft but his was just one input which I doubt carried a hell of a lot of weight. You saw how much influence Donohoe had and he has been around a long time. Sirianni input was given when he interviewed and maybe refined but it would mostly be about what your O and D would look like not what players would be in it. But just my guess.
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      it's probably nothing, but the press conferences with the 3 of them at the ends of day 1, 2 and the draft were awkward. It seemed like Howdy and Andy were buddying up and giggling to each other, while Sirriani seemed much further away to the right. body language odd. But again, maybe nothing. At least Howdy lobbed some questions over to Nick.


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        I didn't get that vibe (awkward) on the after-draft conference. Energy seemed fine to me. Once it comes to 53-man cutdowns and actual game results, we'll see.