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  • Eagles Colts instant observations

    9-1 feels good. However with about 9 minutes left in the game I thought 8-2 was going to be the reality. So much to unpack in this game. We escaped with a win. That is the most important piece of this

    1. Hurts winds up having a good game because he won it at the end. Nice throw to Watkins for the TD and several other really good throws. He had a few nice runs to. However he did struggle at times holding the ball to long: the fumble coming out of the half was not good at all. Now I have to see the all 22 to see about if the receivers were open or not. But he really needed to get the rid of the ball more. He took some sacks he just shouldn't have taken. The one that got them out of field goal range was a killer

    2. Stechen really struggled calling this game. I am not sure if it was because Hurts was off some or the tight ends could not perform or what. I mean he did have one series where the officials got flag crazy (which the one they showed the replay on was a flag the other two) but overall I thought the play calls were unimaginable. Three straight runs right up the middle the teeth of the Colts defense. Just really a strange game.

    3. The new DT's played really well. I thought after the first series they played disruptive. Got a half a sack each. Plus several TFL's

    4. Jonthan Taylor 22 rush for 84yrd and one of those was a 28 yard run. The run defense really showed up.

    5. Josiah Scott had a really bad game. He looked confused several times out and I think that is why Pittman was wide open so many times. Need to figure that out because Maddox is not coming back anytime soon.

    6. The elephant in the room is once again we have a WR running open in the middle of the field going to take the lead and they fumble. Catch the ball and go down. I don't think I have ever seen this happen two weeks in the row like this

    7. The one thing that is really concerning me about the defense is end of the half. Seems like week after week with under two minutes they are letting teams drive down for field goals. Not sure what is happening, well I kind of know but I don't want to rip on Gannon this week. Just something to keep an eye on.

    8. The Eagles special teams continue to be terrible.

    9. Nice to see Brandon Graham come back from last weeks penalty with a huge play.

    10. Seems to me that the officials are missing facemasks all over the league. Something has to give here because of player safety. Yes this time a huge one went in the Eagles favor but there were two earlier in the game against the Colts that were not called.

    Howie needs to get on the phone this week with a vet tight end. Stoll is a nice number 2 but that is what he is. The others simply can't play. Not sure who is out there. I think that Richard Rodgers is on a team already. Need to find someone. The offense might have been bogging because of this
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    The big TE that is a project. That just has not worked out at all. One more chance and then move on. Big play negated by his holding penalty.

    sanders is good but rarely turns runs upfield. On that little swing pass that he ran out of bounds on there were 5-7 yards there if he went upfield instead of trying to bounce it.

    the play calling was a huge issue. Twice on 4th/3rd and short we run a slow developing handoff with every gap covered. In both instances a DB made the tackle. That was ugly at times.

    was it just me or did they free up Kyzir White and Edwards somehow. Maybe it was having bigger men in front of them but they both seemed more active.

    Suh and Joseph looked very good for having been in Street clothes 5 days ago. If they can get a little better and familiar those could be the icing on the Howie Roseman cake.

    man I thought the Colts were gonna rip our hearts out and win 19-17

    the officiating was uneven. Not bad maybe but definitely too involved in the game. The hood on Lane was iffy and the one on Hargrove was terrible. Sanders was not going to catch that ball but I will take that DPI.
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      The officials were their usual up and down are as you said it uneven self. The one on Sanders I thought was going to be illegal contact. It was a clear tackle of him down the field but I am with you I don't think it was catchable. However, I see that called pass interference all the time so its almost like that is the way they are going to call it.

      I looked at the none facemask late in the game on Ryan and honestly its a good no call. There was no grasp, basically his hand brush on it but no grap. Much different than the one that hurt Goedert There were a few others in the game, one was on Sanders early on and the other was on Scott.

      Either way the officials didn't win the game for the Eagles or lose the game for the Colts.
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        Let's talk about Covey. Why is he the primary returner? I haven't seen a single play this year where he did anything dynamic.

        I wonder how many runs Sanders had in the 4th. I understand not wanting to limit RBs workload but he's your best back. Use him.


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          Originally posted by sfphillyfan View Post
          Let's talk about Covey. Why is he the primary returner? I haven't seen a single play this year where he did anything dynamic.

          I wonder how many runs Sanders had in the 4th. I understand not wanting to limit RBs workload but he's your best back. Use him.
          Covey catches the ball reliably. I think that is the only reason he is back there right now. I really thought the guy could have been something special. He has been a real disappointment.


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            Originally posted by sfphillyfan View Post
            Let's talk about Covey. Why is he the primary returner? I haven't seen a single play this year where he did anything dynamic.

            I wonder how many runs Sanders had in the 4th. I understand not wanting to limit RBs workload but he's your best back. Use him.
            I thought he was suppose to have speed. He doesn't. In fact he is very slow and his instincts are not the best. He is shaky at catching punts to. Not sure why they just dont bring Greg Ward back up from the PS squad and use him.

            Also not sure why they haven't gone out and got someone with some serious speed to do the job.
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              Yeah, Covey is like Reno Mahe at this point. Catches the ball fine, but don't expect much else. He doesn't run backwards like Reagor did, so there's that. But the first defender down there usually makes the tackle.


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                Hurts played great period! No if,ands or buts. He threw pinpoint passes hitting his receivers in stride. It's the best I ever remember him throwing and he still only missed by a few yards. Heck they started the game with first and 35 and would have made the 1st if they didn't get another one along the way. The defense couldn't get off the field and when they did they moved the ball fine until their friekin analytics stopped their drives on 4th downs. Nick cost them a good 10 points yesterday with that crap. it sure wasn't Hurts' fault that his wrs fumbled after huge gains or for him getting blind sighted on that fumble either. Even with his fumble they should have put up close to 30. But I give Indy credit. Saturday had the Colts fired up and they played a heck of a game but in the end Hurts beat them.

                Howie did make a mistake letting It took Gannon a whole half to figure out that you can't stop a run when the other team's guards go uncovered and your LBs 6 yards off the ball. The first half went by in a blink with their ground game running the clock because he stayed in that 3 man front. The idiot even tried that crap inside his own 5 yard line and Taylor laughed his way into the endzone. Unbelievable. He even had a defense with ONLY 2 DOWN LINEMAN in a running situation! He's a friekin fool and hopefully gets his HC job everybody is touting him for some unexplained reason.

                Howie made a mistake letting Richard Rodgers go. BTW he's no longer Whoie because he's sure proved me wrong. Rodgers is with the Chargers now or I'm sure the Birds would have picked him up when Goedert went down. Both Calcaterra or Stoll can block at all as everyone has already mentioned.

                I'm wondering what's up with Slay when he's 1 on 1. I noticed that he's been playing his receiver's outside shoulder and has given up a few easy slants over the middle lately.

                Edwards was all over the field yesterday on passes. AW noted that earlier.
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                  First drive looked like more of the same but the Colts got very little the rest of the game. Most of the rest of the points was the offense giving the ball back in great position (turnovers and the missed 4th down). Cannot complain about the defense, at all. Joseph and Suh pretty much solved the running issues from last week.

                  Can't complain about Hurts either, other than the fumbles. He was good otherwise, though maybe bailed on the pocket a couple of times. That 4th and 10 play was just bizarre; hurl the ball down the field as an interception would be better than an incomplete (and a sack even worse). But the passes he did make were great. And he did what it took at the end of the game to win.

                  Really, it was the penalties on a couple of drives, and then the turnovers which were the big problem. That, and a couple of other drives were ended with us getting stuffed on 3rd and short runs. I think the latter is where no Goedert hurt us, as we must have telegraphed the run and even our OL couldn't get any push at that point. Most of the time, we RPO those and pick up the first down. I think that happened on two of the 3-and-outs -- failed on both 2nd and 3rd and 1 on one drive, and 3rd and 2 (three consecutive runs) on another. Every other drive, we were moving the ball. The Kelce snap also turned 7 likely points into 3. The penalties have been hurting us in second halves, but got us in the first last night (a couple by the replacement TEs). The turnovers do need to stop.


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                    I wasn’t able to watch the game live,but did follow along with the box score and commented to my son how Taylor’s YPC was 7.0 on the opening drive and was lower as the game went on. I’m not going to get too carried away, the defense was pretty good, but Ryan pretty much sucked and doesn’t have great receivers. I did notice we seemed to play a good bit of 5 man fronts. Would like to see them do some true 3/4 dice almost all the DTs have the ability to bounce outside. Good to be 9-1, the other times we were, we played for the title
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                      Hey guys! Been a while but have lurked from afar! Quick observations from the Colts game:

                      The DTs played well and I was actually upset Fletch was in on the Colts last drive over Suh.
                      Slay is not playing well recently. Not sure if it is an injury or disinterest but seems to lack focus
                      That was a very poor offensive game plan. Maybe the early penalties held them back the 3rd and short and 4th and short calls were just brutal
                      Miles continues to show flashes but my goodness this guy leaves so much meat on the bone so to speak. he bounces outside like he is playing against high schoolers
                      O line play has been up and down. Need more from them in running game. OC has gotten a bit pass happy
                      Hurts keeps growing on me. Finds a way. Even after AJ fumbled it seems all was lost yet he found a way.
                      Desperately need a TE or Pascal becomes more involved in the Goedert role


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                        Good point about Paschal. He is a good ball player but has had a limited role. Without Goedert out TEs are an average lot. Paschal isn’t going to fill a TE role but maybe the answer is to work him into the passing game a little more.
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