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So sick of Cowboys fans

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  • So sick of Cowboys fans

    Guys I honestly am going to start cutting people out of my life who are Cowboys fans. They are delusional.

    I know he is a Penn State kid but it makes me hate guys like Micah Parsons.

    We must beat them on Christmas Eve. I hope the Cowboys and their fanbase just keeps talking trash until game time and we quietly go in there and run it right down their throats like we did in 2017.

    I hate them. It’s unhealthy.
    You know Darren if you'd have told me 10 years ago that someday I was going to solve the world's energy problems I'd have said your crazy.... now lets drop this big ball of oil out the window.

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    I feel your pain. I just can't root for the Cowboys.......ever. Horrible owner. Horrible fans. Unfortunately, because of that defense, I do think they are a real threat to win the SB this year.


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      It’s not because their family trees have no branches, or that they perform indecent acts on farm animals, it’s the fact they are fucking stupid that pisses me off the most. We need to keep doing our thing and let them slip lower in the rankings.
      We're looking for people that are fundamentally different,” vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl said Saturday night. “The love and passion for football, it's non-negotiable. They're caring, their character, they do the right thing persistently, and they have a relentless playing style that you can see on tape. The motor, it burns hot. You see them finishing plays. They have a team-first mentality. They're selfless individuals.


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        Funny thing is the delusional obnoxious fans are really not the true Cowboy fans. Those true fans and I know a few who are from Dallas and generally good people. If you don't live in Texas and are a Cowboys fans you have other mental problems. Something with thinking that you are cheering for a gold standard franchise or something. Meanwhile they haven't won anything in many years.

        Parsons is a stud said it when he was drafted that we should have taken him over DeVonta. Now DeVonta is a damn good player in his own right but man we could use a game wrecker like Parsons. I am a huge Penn State fan but I can't root for those player unless they are on the Eagles when they get into the pros.
        Were from Philly F in Philly no one likes us we DON'T CARE!


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          Don't think Dallas would have let us trade with them if our target was Parsons.

          Things are set up for us to lose that Dallas game -- 3rd road game in a row, and a short week on the road, both of which tend to strongly favor the home team.


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            They are a screwed up fan base. A few weeks ago they were whining that people thought we were better than them and they started clamoring that they will pass us. Then they lose to a terrible Packer team and quiet down for a week. Beat a Kirk Cousins led Vikings team and now they are the best. As if it’s college football.

            most screwed up fanbase in the league. The handful of Cowboy fans I work with are all like this.

            why they do it to themselves and why Jerrah gets his mouth going is beyond me. They haven’t won a thing since the cap era started. They have a good team this year. But like us and every other team, the playoffs is single elimination and anyone can lose. Why they want to puff their chests in week 12 again is amazing to me.

            makes it fun when they collapse again though. Lol